July 31, 2021 By Autumn Calabrese

In honor of the brand new, streamlined Portion Fix (PF), today I want to share with you 7 things that you may not know about Portion Fix. Plus, the reality is that this is how I eat, every single day. There is no "secret" when it comes to my nutrition. I always lay out exactly what I do, how I eat, and what plan I follow.

Portion Fix has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and keep it off for more than 7 years now. The Portion Fix nutrition plan works by practicing 3 main principles:

- Control
- Balanced macronutrients
- Reducing highly processed foods.  

There's no counting points or calories, no deprivation, no starvation, and no eliminating food groups. Lose weight and feel great all while eating the foods that you love. Guys, I've created a program that you can use for life!
To me, having Portion Fix streamlined means a lot. 8 years ago, I teamed up with fitness giant Beachbody to create the total solution with my breakthrough fitness program 21 Day Fix. This was the beginning of Portion Fix since my nutrition plan came with the 21-day fitness program. Together they give you simple fitness and simple nutrition for fast results. You can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days when practicing the two together. Beachbody knows that losing weight and sticking to a program long-term can be a challenge.

This is why Beachbody gives you a Beachbody coach when you sign up for Portion Fix. Your coach is there to support and motivate you through the good and hard days. They can help answer questions and keep you going. In addition to your Beachbody coach, you can join me, in The Monthly Fix. Each month I provide deep dives into topics that could be holding you back from achieving your goals. 

I do my very best to give easy and fun monthly assignments to help you stay on track and break through plateaus, in addition, you get 8 NEW Fix approved recipes that have never been seen before, AND access to my "The Monthly Fix" Facebook group where you will get support from not just myself, but from my team of registered dietitians and the Fix community-people on the journey with you.

Portion Fix Is Not A Diet!
Portion Fix gives you food freedom by teaching you to take control of your food instead of food controlling you. As I said before, there’s no deprivation, no starvation, and no eliminating food groups. Portion Fix still allows you to eat the foods that you love, just in the proper portion sizes to help you achieve all of your nutrition and weight-loss goals.  

You Don't Have To Spend Hours Exercising
Studies have shown that fitness + proper nutrition is the best way to get fast, long-lasting results when it comes to weight loss and health. That doesn't mean you have to spend hours killing yourself working out.  

The goal is to start moving more, so you can start with something as simple as a walk, but if you're looking to push yourself a little bit more, try my 21 Day Fix Real-Time program. You’ll perform 30-minute workouts from the comfort of your own home. The routines are easy to follow and even have a modifier so you can take it at your own pace.

Portion Fix Has 7 Different Paths That Can Be Followed Based On Your Goals
You’ll use my patented, color-coded container system to know how much of each food group you get to eat in a day. RED is for Protein, YELLOW is for Carbohydrates, PURPLE is for Fruit, GREEN is for Vegetables, BLUE is for Healthy Fats, and ORANGE is for Seeds and Salad dressings. The containers make it easy to track and easy to know exactly what and how much to eat.

The Paths Are...

1.) Foundational Fix allows for the most flexibility with what you eat, when you eat, and how often you have treats.  

2.) Timed Nutrition is for those who want to train and eat like an athlete. Your nutrition plays a huge role in your performance and recovery. This path helps maximize both.

3.) Carb Cycling is to be used on occasion FOR special occasions. This path can help you drop a few pounds and tighten up before a big event or vacation. This path is not meant for long-term use but is still very healthy and safe when followed as written.

4.) Intermittent Fasting can be used to practice metabolic flexibility.

5.) Pregnancy and Breastfeeding is a specific plan that allows pregnant and breastfeeding mammas to know how to eat to fuel their body for their needs as well as their growing baby’s needs.

6.) Vegan and Vegetarian allow for variations in the containers to accommodate those that are vegan or vegetarian. Finding balance in macronutrients can be a bit more challenging when you are vegan or vegetarian. But using this path with Portion Fix can make it very easy.

7.) Kids Fix helps parents teach their kids how to eat in a healthy way to fuel their growing bodies. This is not a weight loss plan for kids, but rather a healthy eating plan. Dom follows everything I teach here! *It’s important to talk to your doctor or child's pediatrician before beginning this or any other nutrition program.*

Portion Fix Makes Social Eating Easy
One of the biggest reasons people don't stay on a diet or find themselves unsuccessful with a diet is because it is too restrictive and doesn’t prepare you for real-life situations like eating out with friends and family or holidays and special occasions.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. But Portion Fix won’t let you fail. You learn how to plan ahead for special occasions and social gatherings which makes it easy to stay on track. There are also over 500 recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, cocktails, side dishes, and holiday dishes on the Fixate cooking show, that will make cooking for special events easy and delicious.

Commitment Required
Results don't come overnight and if a plan is promising overnight success you should probably run. Chances are it won’t be healthy or sustainable.  

Eating for your health, which will lead to weight loss when done consistently over time, isn’t all that hard. It doesn't require starvation or giving up major food groups. It doesn't require you to isolate yourself from social gatherings and it doesn't have to taste bad. You just have to be consistent with both your nutrition and your physical activity.

Why Choose The Portion Fix Nutrition Plan
Trying to lose weight can be very confusing with all of the information that is out there. Portion Fix simplifies it for you, giving you simple nutrition principles for fast, long-lasting, healthy weight loss.

With Portion Fix you learn to eat in balance, you learn to adjust the way you look at food, and how to make better choices. You don't have to give up the foods you love, you just have to eat them in the proper portions.

For 8 years I've been working as hard as I can to make nutrition and fitness as easy as possible. My motto is, "easy to follow, fast results." So I hope that this email helped you understand Portion Fix a bit better and that you will join me inside the Monthly Fix where we can talk, chat, be coached by me, and get your best results possible!

It’s been my dream to help you and your family get healthy weight-loss results.

I’ve poured my heart into creating this simple, comprehensive nutrition solution to give you control over food so that you KNOW you’ll get the results you want.

Let’s get started! Click here to sign up!

Your Partner In Health,

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