The Countdown is ON! Autumn All Year Starts Monday

July 20, 2020 By Autumn Calabrese

With the launch of 9 Week Control Freak (coming this winter), and it being my TENTH program with Beachbody, I wanted to do something special for you. So what do you think about working out with me for A YEAR?! 

Yes, I said a whole YEAR! I’m calling it, Autumn All Year! 

I put together a calendar that has all of my programs! We’re going to go through all of my workout programs, one by one, starting July 27th and it carries us all the way through August 1st 2021. That means that Autumn All Year starts in just 7 days! 

Are you in?

Here’s the dealio:

Anyone & everyone can follow the Autumn All Year (AAY) workout calendar as long as you’re a Beachbody On Demand member. BOD has all the workouts that we will be doing on the calendar. So that’s the first thing. Make sure you’re a BOD member so you have access to all of my programs! Once you’re a member, then you can follow along with our calendar here.

BUT, to make things even BETTER, if you join my Monthly Fix FB Group, you also get a handy dandy workbook that is my “thank you” gift for members of The Monthly Fix FB Group.

When you become a member of The Monthly Fix FB Group, you will receive not just the Autumn All Year Workout Calendar, but also coaching from me and a monthly workbook for members only. Inside this digital and downloadable workbook, are tools that help you succeed no matter what! Each month is a new theme and the workbook is customized for that theme! Success is inevitable! 🙌

So if you want to join me and an awesome supportive community as we work out together, take control of your nutrition, receive coaching from me, get the tools inside the workbook, then join the Monthly Fix and receive Autumn All Year as a thank you bonus!


How To Become A Member of The Monthly Fix FB Group To Get Access To Everything: 

1.) Make sure you’re a Beachbody On Demand member.

2.) Once you’re a member, then head on over to THIS LINK 

3.) Select the Nutrition + Membership and go through the signup process.
Once you’re all signed up, you will receive access to our exclusive community where the workout calendar and workbook will be! Plus…ME! I’ll be in there coaching you every step of the way.

So that’s it! 3 steps and you are IN for Autumn All Year! 

What do you think? We start on Monday, the 27th so go sign up now!

I’ll see you inside the group!

Your partner in health, 

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