The 4 Week Gut Protocol 

It’s Time to Feel Great Again.

The 4 Week Gut Protocol is a unique nutrition program designed to help promote overall gut health, as well as isolate the most common foods and ingredients that can cause gastric distress, and may be holding you back from achieving your health and fitness goals.

Research continues to emerge demonstrating that the bacteria in our gut plays an important, if not VITAL, role in our physical and emotional well-being.

And I mean VITAL, because improving the health of your gut may help improve all the stuff we struggle most with:
- Gas
- Bloating
- Irregular bowel movements
- Cramping
- Indigestion
- Weight loss
- Poor sleep quality
- Low energy
- The appearance of your skin
- Mood
-Reduce inflammation in your body…
This right here, is why there is soooo much buzz lately about gut health. We now know that what we eat, the amount of stress we experience, how much sleep we get, etc., all contributes to either us having a really healthy gut, or the opposite. And if we have the opposite, and we’re experiencing less than desired health issues or body concerns, it MAY be connected to your gut.

There’s a lot to learn here when it comes to our gut, brain, and how it affects our overall health. This is why I created The 4 Week Gut Protocol- to help all of you understand your gut, improve the health of it, and possibly by connection, improve other symptoms.

You don’t know if something such as a type of food, some stressor or the like, is affecting your health, until you eliminate it from your daily life.

In this program, I walk you through, step-by-step, exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in a way that isolates the potentially problematic foods and other lifestyle factors. Over the course of 4 weeks, I'll show you how to remove 7 characteristically troublesome foods so you can slowly but effectively remove, replace, and rebalance.

Portion Fix on BODi 
(previously The Monthly Fix)

To access Portion Fix you must have a BODi membership. As part of BODi you’ll get 24/7 access to the Portion Fix Exclusive Community.

Whether you are new to Portion Fix or you've been following it for years, you may have forgotten that Portion Fix is more than just portion control. And yes, that is a BIG part of it, but Portion Fix is a LIFESTYLE! It's a way of eating designed to help you lose weight and feel great all while getting to enjoy the foods that you love! No deprivation, no starvation, and no eliminating food groups. Yep, you can still have wine, cocktails, and dessert while following the plan AND reach your goals.

The MAIN focus of The NEW streamlined Portion Fix is to make following the program easier than ever so you get your BEST results ever! 

We start off with three rails. Each rail has six videos for a total of 18 videos.  
Rail 1, Fast Track To Fix: These 6 videos are the essence of the program. They help you get started, teach you how to find your calorie bracket based on your goals, show you how many of my color-coded, portion control containers you get to eat in a day, what goes in them and how to take your day 1 photos and measurements so you can track all of your amazing progress.

Rail 2, Custom Fix: These 6 videos help you customize the Portion Fix program even more to meet your goals and needs. Want to eat and train like an athlete? Follow timed nutrition? Want to lose a few extra pounds and tighten up before a big event? Try carb cycling? Want to practice metabolic flexibility? Try intermittent fasting? There are videos for ALL of this! There are even videos for following Portion Fix if you are Vegan or Vegetarian, pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you're looking to teach your kids to eat healthier!

Rail 3, A Fix For Everything: These 6 videos are there to help you if you have any questions or get stuck at any point. Learn how to stay on plan when dining out, what to do during holidays and special occasions, how to break through a plateau, the most frequently asked questions, and what the Beachbody Supplements count as on the Fix.

This is NOT a diet! This is how you eat FOR LIFE!

We all want results and we want them fast. And the new streamlined Portion Fix is here to help you get fast results and keep them FOR LIFE, without giving up any of your favorite foods or drinks!

You asked for a fun, simple, easy-to-understand nutrition program that you can follow every day of your life, while still ENJOYING all the foods you want! And so here I am, giving it to you!

To access Portion Fix you must have a BODi membership. As part of BODi you’ll get 24/7 access to the Portion Fix Exclusive Community with check-ins from me, support from other members, strategies for staying on top of progress-killers like holidays and parties, plus new FIXATE® recipes you’ll get before everyone else and fun assignments to make it easier to stay on-track no matter what the challenge. Understanding how the portion-control containers work, and using them consistently, will help you get lasting results.

Every month, you'll receive new recipes, meal plans with grocery lists, and access to a supportive community to help you stay on track! Plus, you get access to past monthly topics, video trainings, cooking shows, resources and more.

Sign up for BODi, and get Portion Fix as part of your membership. 

FIXATE: Cooking Show with Autumn and Bobby Calabrese

Beachbody's original cooking show FIXATE, provides viewers with perfectly portioned, absolutely delicious and healthy recipes with container equivalents. FIXATE is hosted by Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese and her brother, Chef Bobby Calabrese. Our FIXATE recipes fit all types of lifestyles and dietary requirements from paleo to gluten-free to kid-friendly so people can lose weight without counting calories, tracking ingredients or depriving themselves of the foods they love. Each episode has fun facts about the recipe ingredients, nutrition, and most importantly a detailed container equivalent walkthrough with Autumn at the end of each episode.

FIXATE is located in the Nutrition section on

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