My Morning And Evening Skincare Routine 

May 5, 2021 By Autumn Calabrese

Filters are great, but great skin is better. Great skin starts from the inside with what you eat, the water you drink, and proper self-care. Having a good skincare routine is also important. No matter what your age or skin type, glowy, healthy skin that’s firm, smooth, and supple makes a huge difference not just in how you look but in how you feel.

Because my skincare routine is such a highly requested topic, I decided to share with you my article on my lifestyle website, MoodMe. This article contains the exact items that I use both morning and night.

But I want to be clear here- what I'm sharing is the exact skincare line that I use every single day, to help keep my 40-year old skin looking vibrant, clear, smooth, and radiant. I know that you guys sometimes wonder if I really use the items I'm recommending or if I'm being paid to recommend them. And I get it. Since being an "influencer" is now a legit job, it's natural to wonder if a product is actually good or if it's just a marketing ploy.

I want you to know that there hasn't been a single item that I've recommended that myself or my team hasn't used and loved. The same applies to my preferred skincare brand- Dime Beauty. I chose to partner with Dime Beauty BECAUSE I was already using them and loved the results I got with them. If it was just about the money, then I would have partnered with a much more expensive brand. Dime is known for being affordable. The price had nothing to do with it. I just love their line.

And that's how I work with all things. I try a product and if I love it, I reach out to the company about a possible partnership. So the only way I know that this skincare line works the best for AM and PM, is because I've used them every morning and every evening, for years now.

Your partner in health,

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