Kettlebell LEG BLASTER Workout

July 30, 2020 By Autumn Calabrese

You all know LEG DAY is my favorite day of the week. Here is a great workout using 7 kettlebell exercises that will target those thighs, quads, hamstrings and BOOTY! 

Get after it! 

Kettlebell LEG BLASTER | 7 moves, 3 rounds

Where to find the moves in the video:

1:17 | Kettlebell Swing x 15
2:46 | Sumo Squats x 15
3:55 | KettleBell Lunge x 15 – Each side
6:02 | Singe Leg Modified Squat x 10 – Each side
7:50 | Step- UP x 15- Each side
9:40 | Heel Drop x 15- Each side
11:19 | Bulgarian Spilt Squat x 15 – Each side

A few tips when doing the workout:
*Make sure your abdominals are always IN to protect your lower back.

*It’s best to use a heavier weight when working with a kettlebell, which steps up the intensity and ensures the bell isn’t swinging too much.

*Every time you stop a kettlebell you HAVE to bend your knees to slow it down.

*Squeeze those glutes, make them work!

*If you do not have a kettlebell you can sub a dumbbell and still rock the workout!

Your partner in health,

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