5 Best Fitness Equipment Pieces For Your Home

Contributing Editor: Taylor Jones


With so many at home resources, gym memberships are becoming a thing of the past.  

You have a huge variety of workouts at your fingertips and need very limited equipment to crush 

your routine. Plus, bonus: you can do your workout in your own time without dealing with strangers watching you, waiting of the equipment you’re using or hogging the equipment you want to use.  The ease of knowing you can workout at any time in the comfort of your own home is a motivator in itself. Hoping you have already set your fitness intentions for the year, we dive into the 5 best pieces of workout equipment for your home to help you crush those wellness goals. These are mostly low cost investment items that will have a great impact on your workout game! Many pieces are available through beachbody.com or you can check out my amazon favorites page ( amazon.com/shop/autumncalabrese ). A total Boyd transformation workout is waiting for you starting with these items.


These could range from 5lbs – 50lbs depending on your goal.  They will help you build strength, tone your muscles and raise that heart rate while taking up very little space in your home or office. What is an ideal set for when you don’t know where your starting point is? You have a range to choose from and a wide variety to build up to.   Having set of light dumbbells and heavy dumbbells is a good idea since chances are you’ll need slightly lighter weights when working your upper body and heavier when working your lower body.

Light Dumbbells:

These can be as light as 2lbs and as heavy as 15-20s depending on what your upper body strength is.  I usually use betweens 8lbs and 17.5lb dumbbells for my upper body work.

Heavy Dumbbells:

These can start at 10lbs and go as heavy as heavy as you need them to to feel the burn.  Everyones goals are different so keep the goal in mind when picking your weights.  For my lower body I use anywhere from 15 pound dumbbells up to 35 pound dumbbells. 

Mini Resistance Loops:

One of my all time favorite pieces of equipment.  At first glance you’ll wonder “how hard can these be and how much can they really do for me?”  Well given that there are hundreds of different exercises that can be performed with them, in hundreds of different sequences, the answer is very challenging if you want the to be and they can do wonders for you.  They firm and sculpt your upper and lower body, challenge your core, and build your butt.  With multiple resistance levels included, you have room to grow as you get stronger. The best part, they take up literally no space and travel so easily.  You never have an excuses again for not getting a workout in when you’re on vacation or traveling.

Resistance Slides:

Increase the intensity of your workout as you engage your core, 

stimulate your glutes, and activate multiple muscles at once. 

Using these sliding disks for lunges, squats, upper body movements and core work allows you to take your workout to the next the level, feel the burn even more, and increase endurance, strength and stability.  You’ll also likely burn more calories using these little unobtrusive slides.  Because they are designed to challenge your balance and stability you’ll have to engage more muscles.  The more muscles working, the more calories burned.  Cant be mad about that.


Perfect addition to any at home or office fitness routine while 

accommodating a wide range of full body workouts in a small amount of space. This is also a piece you can build on, try starting with a flat bench and working up to an adjustable utility bench. Get creative with the use of your bench.  Sure you can so the typical chest press, and chest flies but you can do so much more.  Step ups for the legs, leg raises for the abs, decline pushups, reclined bicep curls and more.  

Stability Ball

The stability ball is another piece of equipment that is used to, well, challenge your stability.  In a lot of ways it can be used like a bench.  You can perform upper body exercises like chest press, chest flys and decline pushups on it.  You can also use it for a whole slew of different ab exercises as well as to tone the glues with different glute bride, hamstring curls and lunge exercise performed with it.  The beauty is you can inflate and deflate it whenever you would like.  If you have the room, keep it inflated but if your tight on space, deflate it and put it away until you are ready to use it again.

These 5 items are the perfect start to kicking off a fitness routine ANYWHERE you have 

space. As you start to get more familiar with your equipment and want to build on your 

fitness goals, you can branch out into other items and equipment options that intrigue you.

The fun part is getting acquainted with your new items, creating a habitat, building strength 

and then elevating from there. Creating a workout routine can sometimes feel overwhelming. What do you do, how do you do it, when do you do it, how many times do you do it. These are all valid questions and we have all felt them at one time or another. Know that with these tools and the massive amounts of resources online, you can get a routine that you feel good about, that helps you 

feel connected and energized and one that you fall in love with. From Beachbody On 

Demand to Pinterest Infographics to my YouTube videos the possibilities are endless on ways 

to use the equipment above. 

80 day Obsession uses loops, slides and weights. Hammer & 

Chisel uses weights and a bench. 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme uses weights. With so 

much content, you have a variety of ways to keep your routine ever changing and exciting 

while hitting your goals hard!  What piece are you most excited to add to your life? Tell us in the comments