3 Foods To Help You Stop Overeating 

Hi Team!

Today's post comes from a Team AC member that asks, "what can I do to help feel more satisfied? Lately, it seems like I'm always hungry and can't stop overeating! What can I do about this?"

With that said, I want to share with you 3 foods that can keep you feeling satisfied longer, helping you to eat less...

...Protein, fiber and water are three of the most satiating foods out there.

PROTEIN. When protein is consumed, the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, decreases. Protein also takes more energy to digest than refined carbohydrates.

FIBER. Fiber can help stop you from overeating because fiber secrets water, stretching out the stomach and turning off the secretion of ghrelin. When our stomach is empty it secretes ghrelin letting us know it’s time for food.

WATER. Our bodies can’t always tell the difference between hunger and thirst. We need water to survive. You might think you’re hungry when, actuality, you need a big glass of water to help hydrate you.

Ultra-processed foods tend to be low in protein, fiber and water making them significantly less satiating, making you want more, which can lead to overeating. See the connection there?

If we’re making 2022 all about our HEALTH, which is what I’m about this year, then when you pick your foods, pick real foods that contain protein, fiber and water. Think lean proteins, beans, fresh fruit and veggies, rice, and potatoes. Have fun with your food, try new recipes and see if you can find healthier versions of your favorites, including desserts. I bet if there’s a recipe you love, Bobby and I have a healthier version of it on Portion Fix on BODi.

Eat all of your favorite foods, just eat the healthier version of them that are full of protein, fiber, and water. You can find recipes for all of your favorite foods on Portion Fix on BODi.

Your Partner In Health,

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