Contributing Editor: Vivian Nweze

It’s not too late to make a lifestyle change this year! Many people wait until January 1st to shake up their routines, but why wait when you can crush some big goals in the last 3 months of the year. We’ve compiled a variety of challenges you can start today to kick off 2020 as the best version of yourself! Let’s end the 2010s strong Team AC!



Money Saving Challenges

Open up a separate savings account and try any of these first 3 money challenges to save over $1000 before 2020! If starting with $60-84 a week is a stretch, you save $390 by 2020 starting with only $5!

autumn calabrese celebrity trainerautumn calabrese celebrity trainer

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Diet & Fitness Challenges

If you watched AC’s “Revenge Body” episode on E!, you already have seen how her programs can transform your body in 12 weeks. You can do it too!autumn calabrese celebrity trainer terra revenge body

– Autumn’s 80 Day Obsession is a 13 week fitness program that you can do from home, via Beachbody!

-Start following Autumn’s “Ultimate Portion Fix” right now! It’s a great way to stay on point through the holidays without having to deprive yourself. There are tons of holiday fix approved recipes including breakfast, dinner, side dishes, desserts, and cocktails.

autumn calabrese celebrity trainer terra revenge body




Heart Healthy Challenges

Your heart is one of the most important muscular organs in your body. If it’s been giving you some trouble or heart disease runs in your family, give one of these a shot!

-90 Day Challenge To Lower Your  Blood Pressure

-American Heart Association Better U Heart Health Challenge





Reading Challenges

Whether you are a full on bibliophile or consider instagram captions as literature, taking on a reading challenge can be easily gratifying. With a little time dedicated each day, you could knock out up to 12 books by 2020!

  • For adults: The 90 Day Harvard Classics Reading Challenge. This challenge takes you through excerpts from classic novels you may have been assigned to read in high school or college. If you read one excerpt per day, you can be as well read as anyone with a liberal arts education for free!
  • For the family: Pick a book each week from this standard 52 week reading challenge. You can read the same books with your kids or everyone can choose their own in the same category. It makes for a fun family discussion in the car or over a meal.



Professional Challenge

Get Google Cloud Certified! Consider this our wild card challenge. If you are interested in gaining a new skill and certification that could benefit you professionally, give it a shot. The Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification debuted at number one on the top-paying certifications list in the 2019 Global Knowledge survey.  Plus, Google is offering a nice incentive for completing the program in the 90 day time frame. “If you successfully certify within 12 weeks of starting the certification challenge, we’ll send you a $100 Google Store voucher to redeem toward the product of your choice.” 



Let us know which challenge you picked and how it’s going by tagging @AutumnCalabrese and #TeamAC online!