Meal prepping is better for your wallet and your health! When you take the extra step, and prepare yourself for success you will reap the benefits both physically and financially. Salads are one of those tricky meals that you might think is a healthy option when eating out, but often hide lots of hidden sugar/carbs/sodium and FAT! It’s all about what goes into the salad and that includes the dressing. Watch my breakdown of these 3 to-go salads VS my homemade chicken salad.

Trader Joe’s Pre-made Kale & Edamame Salad – $3.99

Gelson’s Salad Bar- $5.21

Starbucks Zesty Chicken & Black Bean- $6.95

Trader Joe’s – $19.66/4 = $4.91
Organic herb mixed greens, bell pepper,cherry tomatoes,cucumber and organic chicken.

* You can get at least 4 meals from all of the ingredients from Trader Joe’s


Eat This, Not That | SaladsI break down the benefits of meal prepping and making salads at home vs. grabbing a salad on the go! Take the extra step and be prepared — you’ll be happy you did.

Posted by Autumn Calabrese on Friday, April 1, 2016


Here is the FixATE salad dressing recipe I used on my chicken salad.

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Autumn Calabrese


  • Claudia

    Any plans on having your Fixate recipe book in Kindle version (paperless)?


  • Michelle

    Love.. Thank you.. I was spending way to much. Now I know.

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