Autumn is quoted in this U.S. News and World Report article.

Popeye made eating for your muscles look so easy.

Whenever the cartoon sailor man got in trouble – like when a much bigger adversary was beating him up – Popeye would pop open a can of spinach and gobble the contents, and his biceps would quickly bulge, giving him the strength to pummel his opponent. While consuming spinach or any other vegetable is good, there are lots of other foods you should eat to boost your muscle health, says Erin Clifford, a wellness coach based in Chicago. “Popeye got it right when he boasted that he was ‘strong to the fin-ich ’cause I eats me spinach,'” she says. Research suggests that nitrate, a substance found in spinach, can help the body regulate blood pressure and improve blood flow. In one study, healthy people who ingested the nitrate equivalent of 200 to 300 grams of spinach or lettuce for three days performed better on a cycling task than they did after they’d taken a placebo.

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