My Prepare to be Obsessed group on Facebook has been going strong for several months now.  I started this group to help people get ready for my new program 80 Day Obsession launching Jan 15th, 2018.  So far the members of the group have completed 21 Day Fix, Chisel (from The Masters Hammer & Chisel), the sneak peek of A Little Obsessed ( a mini version of 80 Day Obsession to give you a taste of what the program will be like) and 21 Day Fix Extreme.  So, what do we do now as we wait for the launch of this ground-breaking new program?  A MASHUP!!!  The next 4 weeks will be dedicated to a mashup of 21 Day Fix, Chisel and 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I have laid out a calendar that starts this Monday, November 27th and takes us up to the LAUNCH of A Little Obsessed on December 20th.  Do you want to Prepare to be Obsessed with us?  You can still join my FB group.  Send a friend request to Prepare to be Obsessed on Facebook and I will add you to the group.  

What do you need for these workouts?  For 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme you need light, medium and heavy dumbbells as well as a resistance band with handles (we use a band that has a 15lb resistance).  For Chisel you need light, medium and heavy weights, as well as a bench and a pull-up bar.  If you don’t have a bench and pull-up bar its ok.  I show you how to perform the moves on the ground, on a stability ball or with a resistance band and door attachment.  Most importantly you need access to Beachbody On Demand.  Some of the workouts listed on the calendar are only available on Beachbody On Demand and if you are getting ready for 80 Day Obsession, well you’ll need BOD for that as well because this program will not be released on DVD.  What better time than now to sign up for Beachbody On Demand annual membership for $99?!  End the year healthy, start the new year Obsessed with being the strongest, healthiest version of you.  Here is the link to join Beachbody On Demand


  • Maria Barbagallo

    I don’t see “fix extreme” as a workout on BOD, am I reading this wrong?

  • Sandra Ocampo-Lowther

    I’m in… Please sign me up!

  • Aprile

    I want to know what equipment I need for 80 day obsession

  • Lisa Opie

    Sign me up


    I am so excited to start this program I copied off Nov but i can not find Dec

  • Yahdira Rodriguez

    Hi! I want to join this group. I have BOD. Thanks!

  • Debí Vergara

    I’m in!

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