This week, March 6-10th, is National School Breakfast Week.

Eating a nutritious breakfast has the ability to set the tone of your entire day! Beginning your day with a healthy balanced breakfast has been shown to decrease the overall calorie intake of each day which in turn prevents weight gain. Trying to start your day without food is like trying to start your car without gas.


Taking the time each morning to prepare a good breakfast helps maintain blood sugar levels. Also, a healthy breakfast eliminates the temptation of eating high-fat, high sugar foods later in the day. A positive start affects your eating decisions for the rest of the day.

Making healthy choices and eating a healthy breakfast will allow you to gain the energy needed for the day. Even a half of a banana as you are running out the door is better than nothing. Eating a nutritious onhealthy mental disorders meal first thing in the morning allows your body to get your metabolism working early. It breaks the “fasting” period encountered during sleep, hence why it is called break – fast.

This week, I am speaking at schools to educate students on easy ways to start the day off with proper brain fuel. I will be showing them just how much sugar is in the popular junk foods regularly consumed on a daily basis.

Why is breakfast so important?

Breakfast has the ability to restore the blood glucose level to normal after a night of sleep, and lower the stress hormone, cortisol, that rises during the morning. Overall, breakfast has a significant effect on our cognitive function throughout the day. This is why it’s so important for everyone to eat a nutritious and healthy breakfast every day.

Comment below and share what you eat to start your day!


Your partner in health,

Autumn Calabrese

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  • Susan Gowan

    Hi there. I am on your 21 day fix program and loving it! I have made your nut and berry breakfast bars and they are delicious! I was just wondering what container count value they are. Thanks so much

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