We left off with the workouts being in the can and not much to do until the release of 21 Day Fix. There was still one major component that needed to be taken care of….the infomercial. The crazy thing is we started talking about the infomercial a year earlier. I remember sitting in castings for the test groups talking about who we would like to host the the infomercial. We had a long wish list, everyone from reality starts to movie stars to talk show hosts. As we moved through the process of creating 21 Day Fix we would briefly touch on the infomercial but to be honest I didn’t really know what it entailed or what to expect.

We had finished filming the 21 Day Fix workouts in July, it was now December, 21 Day Fix was due to launch in February. Between you and me, we were a bit behind schedule for the infomercial. No need to fret, I have the BEST team ever and they weren’t going to let anything get in our way of getting our product out on time. They worked tirelessly through the holidays to make sure we were ready to film right after the first of the year. Just after the new year Heather called to tell me who would be hosting my show….MONTEL WILLIAMS! I could not be happier. Montel is an amazing host and a huge fitness enthusiast. He also has MS, which means for him, health and fitness are that much more important. He is the author of several books including LIVE WELL 21 days days to transform your life, Supercharge Your Health and Feel Spectacular. Obviously this was going to be a great fit. In addition to Montel hosting the show, several of my favorite test group participants would be included along with one of my best friends (Catherine, who not only did the 21 Day Fix but was also in some of the Fix workout videos) and a few amazing Beachbody coaches. I couldn’t wait to get together with everyone to see how they were doing, to hear from the coaches what they thought about the program and having Catherine on set with me would just make it that much more fun.

Once again we went into rehearsals, believe it or not I LOVE rehearsals. The whole team gets together, creative juices are flowing, we work out the bugs and have a great time doing it. I had 2 days with Montel to run through the show and get it down before we filmed in front of a live audience. My show would be different than any other infomercial that Beachbody had put out thus far. It would be filmed as a talk show. I was so excited about this, a talk show would really allow for my test group participants stories to be told. I went into the first day of rehearsal not really knowing what to expect but excited to meet Montel. Needless to say he was amazing, so nice, so helpful, he took me under his wing and walked me through step by step how the show would flow. By the end of day I was so confident in the show I didn’t even feel like we needed a second day. The second day was short and sweet (good thing because I was coming down with a cold & was a little concerned about losing my voice) and then it was time to film. I arrived on set feeling a little under the weather but adrenaline kicked in and I forgot all about my cold. This was the exciting part, this is how the world would see me for the first time, this is what would introduce everyone to 21 Day Fix. I wanted it to be perfect! I got into hair and makeup, had some fun catching up with everyone and then it was time to roll. The live audience was seated, I was taken back stage to await Montel’s introduction and he opened the show. Everything flowed so smooth. Hearing Keith, Anna, Deon, Kevin and Mary tell their stories once again and seeing just how far they had come brought tears to my eyes…literally, yep I cried in my own infomercial….lol can’t help it seeing peoples lives changed because of something I created is a feeling that will never get old.

It was a 12 hour day and then we wrapped. Once again my team told me what a great job I did as did Montel which meant a lot. That was it. The final piece of the puzzle was in place. 4 weeks till we launch! Ahhh!!! It was almost here. Check back next week for the final chapter of this story 🙂
Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese