You all know LEG DAY is my favorite day of the week. Here is a great workout using 7 kettlebell exercises that will target those thighs, quads, hamstrings and BOOTY! Get after it! (and after you’re done, go make yourself some of these AH-MAZING Breakfast Bars!) 

Kettlebell LEG BLASTER | 7 moves, 3 reps

1:17 | Kettlebell Swing x 15
2:46 | Sumo Squats x 15
3:55 | KettleBell Lunge x 15 – Each side
6:02 | Singe Leg Modified Squat x 10 – Each side
7:50 | Step- UP x 15- Each side
9:40 | Heel Drop x 15- Each side
11:19 | Bulgarian Spilt Squat x 15 – Each side

x 3



A few tips when doing the workout:
*Make sure your abdominals are always IN to protect your lower back.
*It’s best to use a heavier weight when working with a kettlebell, which steps up the intensity and ensures the bell isn’t swinging too much.
*Every time you stop a kettlebell you HAVE to bend your knees to slow it down.
*Squeeze those glutes, make them work!
*If you do not have a kettlebell you can sub a dumbell and still rock the workout!
 Okay, now that you’ve killed it with this leg workout,  go make these Nut and Berry Breakfast Bars and enjoy all your hard work! 


Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese



  • April

    Autumn I have a hearing loss and the CC is not right on video:( Can you tell me what weight the ball is?

  • shirley

    I love you autumn??? thank you?

  • Lani

    Hey Autumn! I’d love to have toned legs by the end of Spring. How often can I do this workout? I’m currently doing 21DFX, which days would I add this workout to? Thanks.

  • Emily James

    Autumn you speak my love of legs language!!!

  • Cathy James

    That was cool! Love to have that on a dvd!

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