How to Survive the Holidays at Work

Contributing Editor: Taylor Jones

The holidays can bring so much joy, but they can also bring some challenges. The packed schedule of family time, holiday parties and wrapping endless presents. On top of that, all the holiday festivities that happen in our professional lives, as well. Below are some jolly-good tips for professionally surviving the holidays in your workplace! 

Take the Focus away from Food:

We all know that feeling when you walk into work during the holiday season and see another batch of cookies, another tray of goodies… it seems endless. And we can find ourselves mindless eating these treats because let’s face it — they’re there. TIP: Instead of creating a work event surrounding food like a “cookie exchange,” throw out a fun idea to bring people together that doesn’t involve calories. What about a cubicle decorating contest? Each person is empowered to go holiday-crazy with decor and joyful additions to their workspace. Create a small voting committee and have “non-food” prizes for the top 3 winners. Such as: face masks, a cute coffee mug or an ugly holiday sweater. 

Attend the Holiday Party:

This event may seem daunting and even boring to some, however, this gathering is one that you should take seriously. It shows your commitment to your company and co-workers. Get dressed in your holiday best, practice your dance moves and make sure to thank the planning committee and your executive team. This is a great team building opportunity that should be treated as such. TIP: Keep the alcohol to a 2-drink maximum. Yes, this is a casual work environment for the night, however, you want to make sure you are still keeping your best foot forward. Enjoy your 2 drinks at the event, so you don’t end up being a Monday morning story. No one needs to see you do the snake on the dance floor after 5 vodka cranberries. 

Lead by Example:

If you have the goal of wellness through the holidays, including at your workplace… lead by example. If you don’t want others to do it, then you should be the leader of the pack. Do not put out a candy bowl at your desk filled with chocolatey goodness. Being that it is closest to you, you will most likely be the one to enjoy it. Plus, you could be supporting other’s goals by not having candy readily available. If you have a corporate potluck, bring in a healthy alternative. Pinterest is loaded with fun holiday veggie platter recipes in the shapes of holiday items. Or try lightening up a holiday favorite! The same great holiday dishes we know and love can be made for a fraction of the calories, it may just take some creativity. TIP: Have fun with it! 

Donate Gifts:

The go-to gifts from clients or co-workers are typically some sort of chocolate, candy, or sweet treats. These are very kind gestures, but can be an easy thing to open and snack on throughout the day if left around your desk. TIP: Consider donating these types of gifts to your local women’s shelter. They can gift these to the women living in their provided facilities. You can feel good about helping others and you were able to avoid the overindulgence. Do not feel bad about donating your gifts, just make sure you thank the person who gifted it and move on. 

This season is hard enough with everything surrounding the holidays, use some of these tips above to help alleviate stress when it comes to holidays at work. If you need to take a moment away, you do that. Take a walk, express some gratitude to a co-worker or drink some yummy WINTER WATER (link to other article, depending on what order you’re posting in). 

Are you thriving during the holidays at work? Tell us how in the comments!