Thanksgiving is right around the corner! But just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you need to lose all good habits at the table. It’s possible to enjoy the holidays and keep your health and nutrition on point at the same time. Check out my “How to SURVIVE THANKSGIVING DINNER | 21 Day Fix Approved Recipes” for some great tips on staying healthy this year!

Hope you all enjoy the time spent with your friends and family during these meals!

For a more detailed view of the Do’s & Dont’s of filling onhealthy anticonvulsants your plates:


Here is a breakdown of the typical Thanksgiving plate, which is loaded with lots of carbs, sugar and fat– leaving you feeling weighed down and sleepy. Surviving Thanksgiving Blog


Now here’s a healthier, more balanced version of a Thanksgiving plate. This plate is a bit more mindful of portions and sticks to skinless turkey (white meat) turkey, and most importantly keeps greens on the plate! If you are tempted to go for seconds, stick to the lean protein and vegetables.

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[Source: Beachbody Blog|Do’s and Dont’s of Filling your Thanksgiving Plate]
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