How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Contributing Editor: Taylor Jones


At the end of every year, we begin to reflect on the past 12 months. We think of the good memories, the goals we crushed, the struggles we had, how some things didn’t go as planned and how we grew as a person. Then we start to look into the next year and think about what we want to accomplish. We all know how to create our New Year’s resolutions, but do we have the proper tools in place to KEEP them. To achieve them. It’s easy to be hyped in January, but how do you keep that momentum throughout the year? Below are the best tips for setting yourself up for success in the New Year. You will learn how to goal set, visualize and check in with yourself to make sure you are staying on track all year long. 2019 is yours, sister!


How to set your Resolutions:

Coming up with resolutions may seem easy, but when you are goal setting — you want to keep a few things in mind.


Be as specific as possible: If you have a weight loss goal, it is easy to say; “I want to lose weight in 2019.” How will you do that? How much do you want to lose? What time frame do you want to lose it in? What form of activity will you add? When setting a resolution, the more information and intent you have surrounding it– the more likely you are to hit it. Fail to plan, plan to fail, right? TIP: Make sure your resolution has a way to be measured, a timeline and a curated plan of attack.


Visualization: We’re not talking vision board (yet), this step of visualization is an exercise. Let’s say one of your resolutions is to level up in your career. Now close your eyes and picture yourself already having achieved that goal. What are you wearing? How are you speaking? Where are you networking? How is your elevator speech? What does your work/life balance look like? How do your employees show you respect? What reward are you going to give yourself when you get that new client? TIP: When you answer all of these questions (like above) be as specific as possible. Add a color to your wardrobe, are you wearing the newest LV briefcase, do you speak confidently… visualize it all and keep that top of mind.


How to keep your Resolutions:

Now that we have the proper tools to set our intentions for the coming year, how do we keep them? This is an everyday thing, you must constantly be thinking about them and knowing your plan of how to accomplish the steps it will take to crush dem goals, girl!


Vision Board: [told you we’d get there] This board should be front and center, you should walk by it everyday, it should be in your office, on your bathroom mirror, the home screen on your phone. If someone says, “What’s on your vision board, you should be able to rattle it off in 2.5 seconds.” That is how much these goals are top of mind! EVERYDAY! Since you did your visualizing exercise, you know exactly what you want. Find a picture of it. If you want to speak on a stage, find your favorite motivational speaker’s picture and print that! If you want to take a trip to Greece, search for the most beautiful, motivating picture of that location. These should be photos that make you feel something. Make you feel the inspiration and motivation to keep your eyes on the prize.


“Consistency Compounds”: This is a saying from badass boss babe, Jenna Kutcher, that rings true 100% when it comes to keeping resolutions. You must stay consistent. Your year will be a roller coaster, that is a given. That is a known fact. Do you think I thought I would be evacuated because of the Woolsey Fires? Nope, definitely did not. Did my fitness, nutrition or business goals suffer because of it? Absolutely Not. When something is a important you make it a priority, you just and you always have a plan.  If plan A gets interrupted, derailed or otherwise off track, move on to Plan B.  Let’s take the “weight loss” example again. Will you lose weight for 52 weeks? Probably not. Yes, it’s possible, but life happens. However, can you consistently lose weight? Heck yes!!! Because you have a plan and you have reminders on your phone, computer or vision board. Week after week you must stick to your plan. You may need to reevaluate at some points and pivot depending on your seasons in life. But, you know what you need to do and you need to do it CONSISTENTLY. It will compound over time and you know what that means… goals will be met! 


Accountability: This tool can come in the form of you being accountable for your actions. Or you can seek out an accountability partner. If you know you can keep yourself accountable and won’t be lenient, then be your best partner. However, if you know you need someone to give you a kick in the ass sometimes, find your person. In its purest form, accountability is a check-in on your progress. A sit-down with you and your resolutions. You can sit with your vision board and rate your plan/progress. Really be honest with yourself. Applaud your wins and create a new plan for your areas of opportunity. If you are doing this exercise with a partner, the truth is king, learn from your mistakes and pivot to correct them. Take their advice to heart, you asked for their help– openness is key.


Now that all the tools have been set in front of you to keep your resolutions, take a look at the goals you’ve already set.  Do you need to define them more?  Do you need to add more detail to your plan?  Have you not set any goals yet?  Its all ok, just start.  You can achieve it all and your chances are much higher to do so when you have a plan, visualization and consistency. The world is your oyster, get your pearls!


What are you goals for 2019? Tell me in the comments!





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  • Mandi

    I’m finishing my visualization and vision board today! Most of the rest is in effect already!

    My #1…I’m doing the Beachbody Classic this year, and I’m going to win! I wanted to do it last year but my confidence said no. I’m ready to figure out the training and earn it all now.

    Other goals…5 Star Elite, move to CA, debt free, and travel

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