Try this recipe out for National Ice Cream Day– the kids might not even realize their tasty ice cream sundae is actually good for them!

Happy #NationalIceCreamDay!

Autumn Calabrese, Healthy Kids Recipes, Autumn's Kids Corner, National Ice Cream Month, National Ice Cream Day, Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

What You Need:

  • 1-2 containers Greek yogurt- frozen (standard 5.3 oz size)
  • Fresh fruit- your choice * I used strawberries and bananas
  • Sprinkles

What You Do:

1. Freeze yogurt
2. Take onhealthy general health frozen yogurt and let sit out for about 5-10 minutes (until it softens up enough to scoop out)
3. Slice Fresh fruit.
4. Scoop yogurt into bowl
5. Top yogurt with fruit & sprinkles


*Makes 1-2 servings
*No container equivalents provided for this one guys– I made it with the kiddos in mind!


Autumn Calabrese, Healthy Kids Recipes, Autumn's Kids Corner, National Ice Cream Month, National Ice Cream Day, Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese


  • Chelsea

    I have both the fixes and I can say WOW these products have changed/saved my life! They improved all my health issues from learning proper eating and portions. I also have muscle like I never had before and finally after 5 years I am down to my pre baby weight which I never ever though would ever be possible and which I did in the matter of 10 months (from a size 18 down to a size 6) You are such an inspiration to me! I can not wait to get my hands on your new video! Keep up the great work you are such an amazing person and have helped so many people!!!

  • Jennifer

    Love love love 21 day fix! Tried multiple diets in the past impossible to stick with but 21 day fix is a way of life. I love it and it has been an easy and incredible transition. You are awesome! Thanks for everything you do.

  • Robin Garcia

    I love 21 day fix and anxiously awaiting my Fixate cookbook. I have now discovered your website and all of it’s valuable information! I currently have yogurt brewing in the freezer so to speak 😉 Thank you for breaking down eating and exercising to it’s simplest form and for being so inspirational!!

    • Autumn

      Awesome Robin! You’re so welcome- enjoy that frozen treat!

  • Reddy

    You rock! Thanks for all the great recipes, fitness videos, and inspiration. I’ve been encouraged to change my nutrition thanks to you. Keep up the good work. : ) by the way, do you use any protein powders. If so, what would you recommend? …something that is as natural as possible.

    • Autumn

      The BBP Line’s Recovery is a great post-workout protein powder, and in the past I have used ISO Pure Vanilla Protein Powder as well!

  • Mike

    Almost through week 2 of 21 day fix with my wife. I like to flavor the Greek Yogurt with Pumpkin Pie spice, a dash of vanilla and a packet of Stevia. I will see how packing it into a cup or mold and freezing it works. This is yet another great idea to stay on track.

    • Autumn

      Love the idea pumpkin pie spice idea Mike, I will have to try that out!

  • Margie

    Looks yummy! I’m on day 19!! Wondering as I’ve seen all of these great ideas with Greek yogurt if you know of any non-dairy options? I did put some unsweetened coconut milk yogurt in with shakeology and that was fine, but not sure about using in other dishes as consistency isn’t quite like yogurt.

  • Marie

    Just got Fixate yesterday. Reading cover to cover and making up my shopping list as we speak! Love it, Autumn. Thank you!!

    Are you using plain Greek yogurt or vanilla? I love plain but can’t get past the sour cream taste for anything not savory.

    • Autumn

      You can use either flavor Marie!

  • Summer

    I just started 21 Day Fix again after not working out for way too long. Recipes like these are what will keep me going 😉 Thanks Autumn; you’re amazing!

    • Autumn

      You’re welcome Summer– take it one day at a time. You got this!

  • Vickie

    good evening I was wondering if the frozen yogurt is some ice cream already pre made or is it yogurt that you freeze then it becomes like ice cream?!

    Thank you very much!

    • Autumn

      Hey Vickie, it’s yogurt that you freeze.

  • Rosibel Ortiz

    Ha! I’ve been making this on my 21 DFX except no sprinkles. Some days I add cherries smash them up mix it with Greek yogurt and then freeze!!!

    • Autumn

      Sounds delicious!

  • Kris Potteiger

    Love your programs—doing Extreme and it is awesome. Can’t wait for your new Chisel Workout. Waiting patiently on my cookbook! Thanks for all your enthusiasm and hard work!

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