Whether it’s your first time around with 21 Day Fix or if you’re starting a new round, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the container system and the workouts first.

In this video, I lay out out all the steps & gives helpful tips for getting started.

PS: These don’t come in the box, but they are super helpful for keeping track of your groceries and how many of each container you’ve eaten in a given day:
21 Day Fix Meal Tracker + Grocery List

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Step by Step Eating Plan GuideNewer to 21 Day Fix or need a step by step guide on the Eating Plan? Autumn Calabrese lays out all the steps & gives helpful tips for getting started. Click here to download extra tally sheets and a helpful grocery list PDF: bitly.com/21DayFixMeals

Posted by 21 Day Fix on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese


  • Michelle

    Hi autumn. I have 2 questions. I’m sure I know the answers but want to be sure. One is it ok to eat sauerkraut? Two I read a beach body blog that said measure your food the way you would eat (ex. Cooked or raw) well what about spinach? Do you cook then measure or measure then cook? Obviously you’ll get two different volumes.

  • Nav

    Hi Autumn … I started the program back in May. 2016 and did great lost the inches and weight I wanted .. the Summer came along and I still did ok in July…but now in trying to get back at it and find it difficult..not motivated to exercise as I was before… any suggestions on how I can get myself back at it…

  • Josephina

    I tried the 21 day fix last summer and was doing great, the “coach” that I have did not help me a lot. I bought the program and she was great but whe I finished my 30 days and told her I was not buying the shake for that month she stopped helping me. I am 140 pounds but when I am doing the program I don’t seam to lose any weight can you help me please. Thank You

  • Ashley

    If I am starting the program on a tuesday, what video should I start with?

  • Shaivi

    Hi Autumn! Do you have a grocery list and tracker for the 21 day fix extreme? Im starting on Monday and just working on planning it out. thanks!

  • Kelley

    After completing the 21 days, do I take a week off? I am not finding much info on this subject. If I do take a week off before starting again, what are your suggestions for that week? Thanks!

  • Amy

    Hey, I just got the containers. Not the pogrom. ..

    How can I get recipe online

  • Scarlet

    I will begin my 2nd round of 21 day fix next week. I typically work out first thing In the morning before eating. Will I get better results if I don’t workout in a fasted state ?

  • Lacie

    Hey Autumn… I just recently got the 21 day fix. I started it all yesterday and I did good on the food part then I went into the cardio did that for 18 minutes because that’s all I could bare. I woke up today with pulled muscles. What if I have pulled muscles and don’t think I can do it today. I want to do the exercise today but I don’t think I can with my pulled muscles. WILL this effect what I’m doing?

    • Autumn

      Hey Lacie, If you feel you have a series injury I would recommend first seeing your doctor for their recommendation on physical activity. Once you get the OK from your doctor, I would then take it slow and start with the modified version of the workout, using low weights (or maybe none to start), then work up your strength and you will get stronger every time you complete a workout. Be sure to also do the warm-up/cool down stretches and drink lots of water!

  • Stefany

    When you do a second round do the workouts stay doubled or do you start with one a day?

  • starr

    TBH I Have No Money To Buy It But I’d Love It If You Share Some Of Your Exercises thnx

  • Trish

    Hi Autumn, I love your workouts! I’m newer to them. Anyway, I’m always stressing about balancing the containers each day especially with combo meals or recipes I find online. I stress about eating properly and clean. Probably too much. I’ve even been trying to research eating clean and paleo. I think I try to be too perfect or something. I also have so many responsibilities each day in getting my workout in, meal prepping, working full time, commuting an hour each way, maintaining my house, taking care of my husband who is paralyzed from the chest line down, helping my sister with her kids because of her situation. How do you balance it all? I feel like I’m constantly trying to find the right routine. Then, if it screws up, it makes me so upset. I have a history of an eating disorder, so I’m constantly worrying about food and workouts and not getting fat and being unhealthy. Sorry for the long ramble. Thanks.

  • Melissa

    I ordered the 21 day fix for this past new year’s as part of my resolution to loose weight, and I couldn’t keep up with the first workout. What did I do? I gave up. By the way, I have over 100 pounds to loose. I need to get moving again so I can get healthy and avoid having to get bariatric surgery. Any tips as to when I should be working out?

  • Ashley

    Hey Pam! Have you found an accountability group yet for your journey to help keep you on track? I just started a new 21 dfix accountability group and love for you to join us!

  • Kelley

    I just ended my 1st 21DF group yesterday and lost 9.6 lbs. I became a coach within the first two weeks 🙂 I started right back up today and am currently in 3 different 21DF groups. I was asked to be in one group by a coach who was in my previous group as she liked my inspiration and motivation. I need more recipe ideas as I always eat the same thing. Thinking about buying the fixate cookbook as my Christmas gift to myself. Such a great program! Can’t wait to bring others in so they can feel as great as I do!! 71 more lbs to go!!!

  • Jennifer

    What do you recommend for someone who had weight loss surgery and cannot eat the suggested amounts. How could you tweak it for that and to make it more high protein?? Thanks and I LOVE this program!!

  • Pam

    What is the best way to get started with the 21 day FIX … .I need a plan to go forward
    I have read everything but just need to get started

    • Autumn

      I think the next step would be to buy the program and press play! If you need further assistance after that, there are many accountability groups on Facebook that you can join. Let me know if I can help direct you in any way. Head over to the products page and check it out –> http://www.autumncalabrese.com/products

  • esmeralda

    Hi autumn! Im loving the 21dfix! Im currently breastfeeding, do you recommend i stay in the calorie bracket for my weight or make any changes? Also would shakeology be ok while breastfeeding?

  • Nancy

    Hi Autumn! I recently started the 21df and really like it! The thing is, once in a while due to an old injury, my back goes out and I can’t work out for a few days at a time. When this happens, should I alter the potions to ensure I don’t gain until I can get back on plan? Thanks!

  • Rich

    Hello Autumn — My wife and I purchased the 21 Day Fix Extreme for the more intense workouts since we just completed P90X3. We would rather follow the original 21 Day Fix eating plan but I can’t find the guide anywhere as a standalone purchase. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!

  • Ludmila Smirnova

    Hello Autumn,

    I have just started 21Fix. I love the eating healthy approach and the fitness CD program. It is like I have my personal expert coach! I joined the program because of my husband. He needs to lose at least 30 pounds. During this summer he lost 15 because I started making green smoothies. So he is ready for your program! I calculated his (2,300) and my (1,200) calorie charts. I am still figuring out how to follow the charts. What I would appreciate is finding a sample of a day meals’ menu by hours as it is outlined in the day chart. Examples for both plans. I think many people benefit from you answering this question.
    Thank you, Ludmila

    • Autumn

      Hello Ludmila! I will keep this in mind for a future blog post, thanks for the idea.

  • Beth S.

    Hi Autumn,

    I LOVE 21 Day FIx and Extreme. I recently have injured my lower back doing a Les Mills Body Pump class at the gym. The doctor has cleared me however I am leary. I have started working out with Spinning (Real Ryders) and yoga. It has been a month, and I am anxious to start the 21 day again. How will the Pilates Fix affect my back? Any of the exercises I should stay away from?

  • Amber

    Thank you Autumn!!

  • Emily M.

    Hi Autumn,
    I am on Round 2 of 21 DF and just got my Fixate, can’t wait to get in the kitchen to try some of these receipes. My question should I continue rounds of 21 DF until I reach my desired weight loss or can i do 21DFX to continue my weightloss journey?

  • Alisha

    Hi Autumn:

    Just finished my second round of 21 day. Do most people take a week off and then start back up? What do you recommend for the eating plan the week you are off and working out? I was just going to indulge in a few cravings and then back to business and work out at my gym that week.

    Thanks so much!

  • John

    I’m going to do this. I have 125 lbs to lose. Just quit smoking and now have asthma. You’re extremely motivating. Wish me luck! J

    • Autumn

      Good luck John– you got this!

  • Cassie

    Hey Autumn what would you recommend for those of us who are food addicts/compulsive over eaters? I freak out and binge on a structured plan of any sort and really struggle with control… I managed to fully do the ultimate reset once and it was the absolute most hardest experience of my life… It was horrible. Even the 21 day fix is hard for me. I’m so lost on everything. I love the workouts and to workout though. Ironic no lol?

    • Autumn

      Hey Cassie – it’s hard to give tips on something like this without knowing more, but I’ll try to answer this on my next #AskAutumn live chat. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for when I share those.

  • Erika

    Is there a meal plan for the week? I’m needing ideas? 🙂 can’t wait for your cookbook.


    I am 15 years old and am under weight at 94 lb 5 foot 3 inches and am going through recovery from an eating disorder you and Shaun t really inspire me but will take any advice in recovery but currently doctor requested i cant do exercise ( i did t 25 beta cycle sorry:() but need to get my menstrual cycle back too then i will be able to slowly start to exercise again until then nothing

    • Autumn

      Glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery Melissa– stay strong and you’ll be sweating along with me very soon!

      • melissa

        thankyou so much your my idol

        • melissa

          Is there any advice much aprecited thankyou

  • Melissa

    I was looking at the calorie chart and its saying I should be in the highest category but I feel I should take in less calories to lose weight. I’m 270lbs. Online the meal planner says I should be only taking it 1300 low carb express plan. What are your thoughts.

  • Kayle

    I never got my kit and it’s bean months and I’m starting to think it is never going to show up I have bean trying to get a hold of someone and nothing so I’m hoping this works thank you

  • Danielle

    just started this program.. luckily i have been going to the gym for a year now although have not lost weight. but it helps to keep me stretched and not so tight. i have many injuries to include knee, hip, shoulders, wrists, brachial plexus, etc.. i also have a thyroid and adrenal issue.. I did the first work out cardio and i felt like i have never worked out all year.. my legs are still sore 3 days later and i do i freestyle fitness in the gym for 90 minutes.. (still do not loose weight).. Now that i started this 3 days into it, i have not lost an ounce! I actually feel bigger.. and bulkier.. What am i doing wrong.. Do all these health issues stop you from loosing weight?? I am 45 and post menapause.. Is there a different program for pre elderly!. 🙁

  • Laura Dundas

    I have a question does both orange containers count as 1 or 1 containers counts as 1?


    • Autumn

      Hello Laura- 1 orange container counts as 1

  • Melissa

    Love this! I’m a current Coach as well as new personal trainer & getting my next 21df challenge group together! This is SO helpful!! Personally I am getting my fitness & nutrition back on track after an injury that slowed me down. I cannot wait to get back to these awesome workouts & meal plan!! And to help everyone who joins me on this journey. Thanks Autumn, you rock!

    • Autumn

      You’re welcome Melissa–Good luck on achieving your fitness goals & helping others on their journey as well!

  • Brigit Guilbault

    I just want to know, why you are in the 1500 to 1800 calories chart. Is it because you are building muscles. Because i lost all the pound that I want with the 21 DayFix program, abd I was in theb1200 calories, and now I want to buil muscles… Do I have to eat more?

  • Ruth Bonilla

    Love this!

  • Valerie russin

    i read book im going through third time only lost 20 pounds is that good i did cal cal still in same bracket i love program now exercise i have bad knee and i do exercise im not food at yoga pilate can we do another video that good for arthritis thks for program im diabetic and was out control since been on plan my sugars in control and stopped insulin now on only one thk

    • Autumn

      Keep up your hard work Valerie, and modify when necessary for injuries. Remember you can ALWAYS follow the portion control part of the program, even if you’re unable to do the workouts.

  • Melissa

    I’m 22 years old and I’m trying to lose 20lbs, I have used 21 day fix for 21 days I love the program but I ha nets seen the results I wanted. I follow the meal plan and I workout everyday. Should I change anything or I’m I doing it right?

    • Tonya George

      Melissa, do you have a coach who can look closely at your info? send me a message if you need some help….

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