It’s happening! I finally get to share with you my 10th workout program with Beachbody!!! 


Wow! I need to take a second here and reflect on the fact that this is my 10th workout program. Whoa does time fly! 

While I’m reflecting over here, hit play, watch this and get excited >>>>

I created this program specifically for anyone that has little time to workout but still wants to burn off a ton of fat. 

My newest program, 9 Week Control Freak is like nothing you’ve seen before! 

This is a 3-in-1 program that shreds, strengthens, and turns you into a fat-burning machine! 

The workouts are fast & incredibly effective! This program is full of metabolic training to improve your strength and endurance, plus muscle-building combination moves, and fat incinerating cardio exercises. 

But let’s be clear here, short does not mean easy! This program is called “Control Freak” for a reason. And being a Control Freak means pushing the envelope to reach your goals.

So what is 3-in-1 cardio strength training?

3-in-1 Cardio Strength Training: 

  • Density Rounds: the ultimate hybrid of metabolic and strength training.
  • Complex Sets: 2 or more exercises performed back to back with no rest.
  • Tabatas: maximum effort in just 4 minutes with these fat incinerating moves.

You excited yet???! 

Remember when I said Control Freak was about pushing the envelope in order to achieve your BEST results? Yeah. It is. And it’s worth it! The discomfort is real but the results are unmatched.

Metabolic training is not only beneficial for jacking up your metabolism, but it also helps improve your VO2 max, increase your reactive strength potential, and reduces body fat.

My High Intensity Interval style training is a fat burning, body transforming machine. From time effectiveness, to fat loss, to fitness improvement, metabolic training is the way to go! You’re going to love the results! 

With this 3 in 1 cardio- strength training program you’ll never be bored or burn out. 

We’re going to go for 9 weeks without ever repeating the same cardio workout! 

This program launches at the end of the year, so stay tuned! I’ll have more details and insider clips for you as we go about the rest of 2020. 

With so much excitement,