Looking for healthy delicious game day snacks?

Super Bowl LI is upon us, and whether you are rooting for the Patriots or the Falcons, this is one game day that can break your calorie bank. According to researchers from Cornell University study, by the time the big game comes around, New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier are long abandoned.  The average American fills their grocery cart with high-calorie, fatty, and processed foods to feed friends and family at their Super Bowl Sunday parties. The day of grazing can lead to consuming a whopping 6,000 calories.  All while sitting on the couch.

Did you know?

You may be thinking while you are eating those high-calorie foods that you will burn it off tomorrow morning. But do you know what it actually takes to burn off those calories?

You burn on average 400 calories doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout. So let’s do the math.  If you consume 6,000 calories watching the game on Sunday, you would onhealthy erectile dysfunction have to do 15 Fix Extreme workouts to burn off those 6000 calories.  That translates to 7.5 hours of working out to burn off one day’s worth of food.

Game Day Snacks

autumn calabrese fixate game day snacks
FIXATE™ Game Day Snacks

Here’s my answer.  Enjoy your favorite flavors in my delicious FIXATE™ recipes.  Here are four alternatives that won’t require you to spend an entire day burning off your weekend party.  These are four of my favorite dishes to serve while entertaining (pictured left to right, top to bottom above):

  • Loaded Sweet Potato Skins
  • Protein Packed Ranch Dip
  • Cheesy Cauliflower Bread Sticks with FIXATE™ Marinara
  • Vegetarian Portobello Sliders

You can find these FIXATE™ delicious and healthy recipes on Beachbody On Demand . Make your body the winner this game day and show your spirit in a healthier way! Be sure to join my Game Day Commercial Challenge (see below) and share with #CommercialChallenge.


Autumn Calabrese


Autumn Calabrese Game Day Commercial Challenge for Super Bowl Sunday workout
Autumn Calabrese Game Day #CommercialChallenge