The release of my first cookbook Fixate is getting closer– and as excitement grows, so have the number of questions regarding the launch. I pulled together a list of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the launch and answered them below! If this is the first time you’re hearing about Fixate take a minute to watch the video below to see what it’s all about.

FIXATE – 101 of my Favorite #21DayFixApproved RecipesI’m so excited to finally be able to announce my first cookbook — FIXATE! The book includes 101 of my favorite recipes, and they are ALL 21 Day Fix approved. Even my grandmas spaghetti sauce and meatballs recipe is in there. 😉 Here’s a little sneak peek and then later today I’ll be sharing a few sample recipes to give you a taste before the official launch later this Summer.

Posted by Autumn Calabrese on Monday, June 1, 2015

Looking forward to it’s release and seeing the #Fixate blow up with all the healthy and delicious 21 Day Fix approved meals!


Q: What is Fixate all about?

A: I’ve taken my simple color-coded container system used in my 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme programs that measure perfect portions and applied it to 101 of my favorite family recipes to give you Fixate, a delicious approach to healthy weight loss. So you’re not just eating tasty, healthy foods-you’re eating just the right propecia healthcarewell amount. Each Fixate recipe lists color-coded container equivalents and nutrition facts, so you can use my system for measuring portions and make sure your nutrition is on track when you begin 21 Day Fix21 Fix EXTREME, or any other fitness program.

Fixate also includes Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian recipes along with my personal tips for preparing meals quickly upgrading leftovers, and stocking your kitchen with absolute must-haves. Everything to help you get started in the kitchen, so you can finish strong during your workout.

Q: When will Fixate be available?

A: It will be available for coaches on starting July 14 and in the Core at Summit and then on August 6 * I will be posting the link to purchase on the homepage of my site the moment it launches!

Q: Can I pre-order a copy?

A:  Nope- sorry!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The retail cost for Fixate is $19.95 & for Fixate + containers $34.95.

Q: Will Fixate be available on Amazon or any third party website?

A: Yes, it will be available on Amazon.

Q:Will it be available on tablets, like the Nook Or Kindle?

A: Not at this time.

Q:Will it be sold in bookstores like Barnes and Noble?

A: Not at this time.

Q:Will it be available in the UK?

A: Yes! The tentative release date for the UK is 8/10 (but could potentially be a few days later depending on when the stock arrives).

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Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese


  • Tina

    I just started 21 day fix extreme and following the eating plan. I love it but I’m sore lol, to be expected my first week when your 80 lbs overweight. Thanks for keeping me motivated during the workouts and helping me remember why I started it. In the fixate cookbook which I haven’t bought yet, will it help me with meal planning? I spend a lot of time preparing food and I’m a really busy person and want or need a simpler way to plan meals and have it ready so I’m not spending a lot of time cooking, cutting or chopping. Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Cortney

    In the book does it tell you how many of the containers you are allowed a day?

  • Nick

    My wife and I bought the fixate cookbook and want to do meal prepping for a 5 to 7 day period. We are making some of these recipes in bulk but once all the ingredients are put together, how do I know the proper serving size? Do I just try and eyeball equal portions or is there an easier way?

    What do you think the best way to meal prep using the cookbook is?

  • Katie

    Starting the program for the first time tomorrow and feeling so overwhelmed but excited. I tried making the pancakes with blueberry jam but I feel like the pancakes are very thin but they are big. Also the jam called for one cup of blueberries and it said its suppose to serve 16 serving. It hardly made any. So confused what I did wrong.

  • Jasmin

    When it says that tge recipe (one of the dinner recipes) has 6 servings, with what cup do I measure my portion/serving for dinner? Or can I use a regulas measure cup 1cup size for that? Or is it one of the color coded cups to measure my

  • Jasmin

    When it says that the recipe has six servings, witg which cup to I measure my serving? Or can I use a regular kitchen measuring cup for that?

  • Kristen Ochoa

    Hi Autumn! I’m confused with the serving size of the Broccoli Mac and Cheese. Is it 6 3/4 or 1 cup servings? I’m also having an issue with the serving size of the Turkey Chili. I’m getting 5 1 1/2 cup servings and the book says 8.


  • Carrie

    Ok, first this cookbook has been a total game changer! I am far from being savvy in the kitchen but the recipes are so simple I am basically turning into the next Betty Crocker! 🙂 I only have 1 question…are the desserts limited to 3 times a week just as the treats are in the 21 Day Fix book that comes with the containers? Thanks again for creating such a simple and sweet product!

  • Leah

    Hi just got the cook book love all the different recipies! However while reading I noticed that some of them require “protein powder” ? I’m already using shakeology, can I use this instead of? Thanks

  • kelly

    I’m interested in doing the 21 Day Fix and since I already workout I wasn’t as interested in buying the fitness program.So my question is, if I just purchased the cookbook and containers does the cookbook contain the eating program for me to use with containers besides the recipes? Would I still benefit not buying the whole program?

  • Alicis


    Just noticed on the Protein Waffle recipe in the Fixate book, it does not say any red containers were used…Doesn’t make sense as that is the protein container and they are protein waffles!!!
    Wondering how many servings of protein it is.

  • Zara

    Hi 🙂

    I have been eagerly waiting for the Fixate book on Amazon UK and the revised date of release. Do you have any ideas when it’ll be available in the UK? I’ve been desperate for it since I heard about it!

    Thank you 🙂

  • Brittany

    Is Grandma’s Sauce really 3 greens per 1/2 cup?

  • Jennifer

    Will Fixate be released as a Kindle book? I have a few people interested

  • Tammy

    Hi Autum I just got my book today but I’m wondering if I have to use all the containers with each meal,? to lose weight. Tammy

  • Tara Cherry

    On Grandmas sauce, is there a sub for the red wine?

  • Sabrina

    When will fixate be available on amazon? I have been waiting since the end of August and still its not available. Please let me know
    Thanks, sabrina

  • Angela

    Hi! I just made the beef stew and LOVE IT! It says it makes six servings, but does not give you the measurements for each serving :/ I took a guess and did 1 1/2 but now I feel that may be too much.



  • Sarah

    I wanted to buy this book but I Hurd there r a lot of typos in it. I was wondering if there is going to be a new edited updated version of the book? And if so when will it be released? Well thank you for your time

  • Eileen

    Hi Autumn,

    I submitted the following questions/comments to you on September 7th and it’s still “awaiting moderation”. Could you please respond regarding the update to corrections in Fixate cookbook. I’m trying to follow your meal plan and recipes – which I love! – I just want to be sure my container counts are accurate when I use your cookbook. Here’s the original comment – not sure why it won’t show up in this forum:

    “I’m in the middle of my first 21 day Fix and loving it. I just received the cookbook and I love the recipes in it. It looks great and is really well laid out. I also really like that nearly all the recipes are all adaptable for non-meat eaters. I’m from a big Italian family too – it was like reading my own story. I’ve been reading a lot of posts regarding some typos/corrections to be made to the book. I’m assuming these are minor and I know an update is on the way. But would you recommend holding off on using the recipes in the book until we have an update? Or are the issues so minor that they don’t really affect the overall results we’ll get? It would be great to have this clarified as there a lot of posts in the forums from folks wondering the same thing. Thank you!!!”

  • Gwen

    Hey there. Just wondered if there’s a new release date for the UK as I just can’t wait any longer for this glorious book to get here!!

  • Ryan

    For the fixate pancakes, you had written in a response earlier 2/5 teaspoons, can you clarify what you mean by that in regards to teaspoons?

    • Autumn

      Hey Ryan, that was a typo in my response! I updated it to 2.5 teaspoons.

  • Laurie

    For the turkey chili is 8 servings is it still 1 1/2 cups? I measured out 1 1/2 cups and I only got 6 servings out of it so I am confused. What measurement should the 8 servings be or is it really 6 servings?

    • Autumn

      Hey Laurie- The Turkey Chili should be 8 servings into 8 bowls, the 6 is a typo

  • Heather

    Is there a revised cookbook coming out soon that will include all of the corrections?

  • Lisa Leow

    Hi, any ideas when will be available on Amazon to purchase?
    Kind regards

  • Sarah

    Hi Autumn–I’ve loved your 21 day program so far. I’m 2 years post baby and recovering (quickly now finally!) from a l4/l5 disc bulge. I finally recovered my range of motion thanks to some help from SAMe and I guess gradual muscle recovery and was able to undertake 21 day fix. It’s been a great recovery program for me. I love Kat let me just say! The focus on pilates, yoga and muscle building has been really helpful for my core recovery. I randomly ordered the program because my weight was creeping up and I saw a Tom Bergeron infomercial (we watch AFHV and like him. I thought, why not…I’ll bite. The diet is very similar to what a nutritionist suggested for me while pregnant and the exercises are similar to what the physical therapist had me do in my initial recovery. Nice to get it all wrapped up in one program. I’ll definitely order your book since everything else you’ve done has been so great. Also, your coaching attitude hits just the right notes and has gotten me to work out everyday (in addition to the ease and availability of a 30 minute at-home program) which with two kids under 4 I really did not think would be happening anytime soon! Thanks – great program! Sarah

  • Eileen

    Hello Autumn,

    I’m in the middle of my first 21 day Fix and loving it. I just received the cookbook and I love the recipes in it. It looks great and is really well laid out. I also really like that nearly all the recipes are all adaptable for non-meat eaters. I’m from a big Italian family too – it was like reading my own story. I’ve been reading a lot of posts regarding some typos/corrections to be made to the book. I’m assuming these are minor and I know an update is on the way. But would you recommend holding off on using the recipes in the book until we have an update? Or are the issues so minor that they don’t really affect the overall results we’ll get? It would be great to have this clarified as there a lot of posts in the forums from folks wondering the same thing. Thank you!!!

  • Lisa

    I was wanting to purchase your book and containers for $34.95….only gives me an option of buying the book…is there a link you could post?


  • Anna


    Still no sign of the book in the UK? Any updates – can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Elaine

    Any update on when fixate will be available in the UK?

  • Justin

    Is 4oz of grandma’s sauce really 3 green containers?

    • Autumn

      Hey Justin, when you make a sauce like this, you reduce the water content, so it becomes more caloric by volume. So you’re still getting all those tomatoes and other good stuff, it’s just condensed so it fits in a smaller space.

      • Heather

        My comment keeps getting deleted. I am wondering if there is a revised copy of the cookbook coming out? Or are they not revising the current book, and customers are just suppose to use the corrections sheet? Can someone please let me know. Thanks!

  • Anne

    I have to say, I’ve struggled with anorexia most of my 20s and early 30s. I get healthy but something happens and…your cookbook and program has changed my life. I’m still not secure enough to check my weight but I can feel my energy, my body and my mind getting healthier. Thank you! I can’t edit for upcoming editions!

    • Autumn

      You’re so welcome Anne. Stay strong and focused on the victories you achieve away from the scale, good luck on your health journey. Be well!

  • Robyn

    I am just wondering why the butternut squash soup is 3 green instead of yellow. I always considered squash as a starchy vegetable. Thanks!

    • Autumn

      Hi Robyn– Squash may seem heavy and starchy like a potato, but it’s actually much lighter. Acorn squash, for example, has half the calories by volume of potatoes, so it fits better in the Green container section.

  • Jackie Paul

    With your cookbook. The pancakes with blueberry jam says it uses a blue. What ingredient makes it a blue? Nothing on the list is in these pancakes. Also we made the mac and cheese w/broccoli and it says 2 cups for a serving and it should have 8 servings. If you measure out 2 cups per person that only gives you three servings. Thanks for the cookbook. we love it.
    The colors in the book are deceiving. Can’t tell blue from purple.

    • Autumn

      Hey Jackie, so you have a few parts to your question. Let me try to break them down for you!
      Fixate Pancakes- There wasn’t one standout fat source here. It was a combo of the butter, almond milk, and egg yolk. But the cumulative 11g of fat per serving couldn’t be ignored. Both dairy and nuts are in blue, so that’s what made the most sense.

      That said, neither butter more almond milk appear in blue, so it’s understandable that this isn’t terribly intuitive. With this in mind, we switched it from 1 blue to 2.5 teaspoons because this seemed more intuitive, given butter is closer to the oil-based fat sources you’ll find in the teaspoon list. Also, teaspoons are general more of a fat “catch all” when we make these calculations.

      Fixate Mac and Cheese w/Broccoli- The yield of this recipe should be 6 (1-3/4 cups) servings with the addition of 2 cups of chopped broccoli. The nutritionals are as follows: 333 calories, 13 g fat, 7 g saturated fat, 91 mg cholesterol, 655 mg sodium, 20 g. carbohydrates, 3 g fiber, 0 g sugars, 35 g protein. The equivalents are: 1 Green, 1/2 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Blue

      Hope this helps!


    I have a couple questions about the mac & cheese…which is my favorite!
    Serving size: 8 = 2 cups…that only left me with 4 it supoised to be obe cup?..iv tried looking on different sites to get a better understanding of the actual amount for one serving and have read 2 cups and also 1&1/4 cup. Could you clarify that. Also it says it’s one purple…should it be a blue for the cheese? Since there are no fruits in it?

    • Autumn

      Hi there Nichole!
      A few parts to your question. Part 1- Is this the correct serving size- Yes! The pasta is spread pretty thin, so the other ingredients fill the other containers. Part 2- It’s actually ONE blue! We also felt like it was a little too tough to tell the difference, so we’re changing up the color a little bit on our next print run 😉 But you can see the difference between the purple and blue on page 55! Hope this helps

  • Kelsey

    I just received Fixate today and I was wondering if there was a list available for all the typos? I really want to update my book. Thanks.

  • Jessie

    You have stated that your book would be available on Amazon on August 6th. I have been looking for it the past couple of days and can’t find it. Is it really going to be available on Amazon or not?

    • Autumn

      It will, but the Amazon launch date has been pushed back due to inventory issues. New release date TBD!

  • Chelsea

    Love 21 Day Fix, LOVE FIXate! I lost 12lbs and 12inches my first round and ALL of my challengers have done nearly close to or more than that!!

    I do have a question about Grandma’s Sauce!! It says the serving size is 1/2 cup but equals 3 greens?!?! Can you clarify 🙂

  • Char

    I am trying to find the fixate book on Amazon and I am not able to find it

    • Autumn

      The Amazon launch date has been pushed back due to inventory issues. New release date TBD!

  • Caitlin

    Any update on when it will be available on Amazon? I read somewhere above that said August 6, but I’m not seeing it.
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Autumn

      The Amazon launch date has been pushed back due to inventory issues. New release date TBD!

  • Melissa

    Just wondering if there is an update for the Amazon release date. I read the 6th of August but haven’t seen it yet. Thank you and I’m super excited to get it.

    • Autumn

      Hey Melissa, see the above replies for your answer!

  • Tonya

    Does the cookbook give instruction on how to calculate # of containers used? Or do I need to purchase on of the other programs?

    • Autumn

      Hey Tonya, Fixate lists all the nutrition and container information for 101 recipes.

  • Zara

    Hi Autumn, I waited up till 2am so I could order your new cook book…..I know I’m dedicated lol! But it says on Amazon UK that it is unavailable ? Is it sold out already? Or just not released yet? Thanks xx

    • Autumn

      Hey Zara, the release date has been pushed back a bit due to demand/inventory– new release date TBD!

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  • Kerry Addo-Hill

    Hiya Autumn

    Excited get my hands on Fixate all the way in London UK! Do you have any update on the anticipated release date for the UK? Your FAQs state 10th August but just wondering if this is still the case or whether it has been put back? Many thankings 🙂

  • Julie G

    I got my Fixate book and I’m sooooo excited to start trying these recipes! I have noticed that alot of these recipes call for almond flour. Is there a swap for this? My son has a seriously almond allergy and I’d love to be able to make some of these recipes for my whole family and not just me. Thanks!

    • Autumn

      You can sub for another gluten free flour, I’m a big fan of oat flour.

  • Lisa

    The turkey chili recipe states it serves 8, 1 1/2 cups each. 1/2 green, 1 yellow, 1 red and 1/2 tbsp
    But the last line in the directions is to evenly divide between 6 serving bowls

    So, not sure if the container measurements are for 8 or 6 servings…..

    • Autumn

      Hey Lisa, the Turkey Chili recipe has a typo and it should be 8 servings!

  • Gwen

    Hi Autumn, I am so looking forward to being able to purchase Fixate in the UK but I couldn’t decide if the release dates is 10 Aug, i.e. You used the US version of date putting the month first, or if it’s 08 Oct.

    • Autumn

      Hey Gwen, I was referring to August! Depending on when the stock arrives, it should be available in the UK the second week of August.

  • Donna

    When will it be at Barnes and Noble?

    • Autumn

      Hey Donna, I don’t have any information on when it will be available in stores. But you will be able to purchase through & Amazon at the end of the week! Stay tuned for the links, I will be posting them on all my platforms.

  • Lynn

    I watched your infomercial probably 10 times before ordering shakeology and the containers as it was one of those buy one and get the containers for only 10 dollars more deals. I had the containers for over a month and was contemplating sending them back for a refund even! Finally I said I’ll give it a week and see how it goes. I am a pretty fussy eater and was intimidated by the food lists and container size. Well let me tell you…I’m 10 days into round one and I’m sooo mad I waited so long to start. The containers are actually larger than they first seem and I’m actually for the first time in 38 years trying new foods!:) I’m down 5 lbs and hope to lose 7 or 8 more. Thank you autumn for makinge into a believer!!!

    • Autumn

      Way to go Lynn! Excited for the beginning of your health journey, you got this!

  • Tamra

    On page 223 of the cookbook, the strawberry banana ice cream shows to be 1 1/2 yellow. Why? I only use fruit to make it?

    • Autumn

      Hey Tamra, great question. We are in the process of updating the book, the equivalents are 2 1/2 purple for the Strawberry- Banana Ice Cream

  • Cheyenne

    In the cookbook, the serving for the Mac & Cheese says 2 cups.. That’s a LOT of food lol. Is that correct?? Because there’s no way I’m getting 8 servings out of it either.

    Thank you!!

    • Autumn

      This is correct Cheyenne! The pasta is spread pretty thin, so the other ingredients should fill the other containers.

    • Hannah

      I agree, there is not 8 2-cup servings. I just made the recipe and had saved my containers so i could eat two servings. I measured out my 4 cups, then measured out the excess and only had 4 cups left. This means i ate half the recipe thinking i was eating 1/4, which is double the calories. How can you get 16 cups out of this recipe, it makes no sense. Same with the mexican taco meat, i made it and had a serving, but did not have enough for 3 more. If these measurements are so off and someone is strictly using these, it could cause people to unknowningly inhibit their weight loss. Luckily, i am not super overweight, i do the plan just to watch what i eat. However, for some people it could really hurt them if the book is this off. I also did not know the book had typos, so i sadly had no fruit today because the container says purple and it is meant to be blue.

  • Cathy

    I been on the 21 day diet it’s my 17 day I have not lost no weight lost some inches but gained some back have follow it to the T .and my results are not good ..I do like the diet I turn up the exercise to two times like they said even add a walk /jog to it .I am getting frustrated I do have a coach also did what she said but it is not working my last day is Friday ..I need some advice …

  • Alicia

    Autumn, I just got this cookbook and I love it so far! I’ve went through and marked what I think will be my favorite recipes to make. However, I’m confused on the container equivalents on some of them. For example, strawberry banana ice cream calls for frozen strawberries and bananas with an optional ingredient of almond milk. To me, that’s a purple container without the almond milk- but the cookbook says it’s 1.5 yellows. Another was breakfast cups with eggs and vegetables in them, but the container equivalents only included red and no green. Can you clarify these for me? I just need the short version 🙂 Thanks!!

    • Autumn

      Hey Alicia-Thank you for your feedback! Typos are inevitable in an undertaking this large. Thanks to diligent readers like you, we’re able to quickly fix them. Fortunately, none of them should have any negative impact on anyone’s diet.

      However, some of your concerns aren’t typos. Rather, they were subjective choices. When converting recipes to containers, there are a ton of factors including ingredients and their amounts, macronutrients, calories, and synergy of elements. We tend to lean towards a more scientific approach, but there’s something to be said for the reader’s intuitive experience. With that in mind, after discussing them, we see that you have a number of points, so we’re making adjustments for the next edition.

      Going forward, we’ve set up a message board for you to discuss the portions one-on-one with our nutrition staff.

      I do know that we are in the process of updating the Strawberry- Banana Ice Cream recipe to the equivalents 2 1/2 purple– I hope this helps!

    • Autumn

      As for the Vegetable Egg Cups- they contain 2 eggs per serving (which is 2 egg cups). That is equal to 1 Red. The recipe also contains approximately 2 cups of vegetables (which is equal to 2 Green portions). That is less than 1/2 portion of Green per serving. Another factor is the calories per serving – 156. That is almost the same as 1 Red (which is 155 calories). That is why each Vegetable Egg Cup is 1 Red portion and does not contain a Green!

  • Jen Chavanne

    Getting ready for round 2 of the 21 Day, so I ordered Fixate! Never felt better than when I did your program. Gave me the energy and determination to start training for a half marathon! People saw my transformation in such a short time and asked… “What are you doing?” Such your advocate! Thanks Autumn!!!

    • Autumn

      Awesome Jen- love it! You’re gonna kill round 2!

  • Amanda

    What day will it be on Amazon? And will it be Prime eligible??

    • Autumn

      Hey Amanda, it should be available on Amazon on August 6, I’m not sure about Prime.

  • tina

    When will it be available on Amazon?

  • Janelle Braasch

    Please delete my social security numbers

    • Autumn

      No problem it was never published.

  • Marla Davis

    Autumn –

    I don’t like to cook, so will SOME of your recipes be simple to make, and not long and drawn out? While I know that each color needs to be used for maximum results, will there be any recipes where that would have five or four ingredients or less?

    Thank you.

    Marla Davis

    • Autumn

      YES, they are all very simple. I don’t have time for elaborate meals.

  • Judy Luke

    I can’t wait for THIS cookbook. I have bought tons of work out videos, lifted weights a lot throughout the years…but i abdolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Autumn, 21 day fix and 21 extreme. I’ve just completed 2 rounds of 21 day fix. And about to start round 3, including Extreme. I will be 51 in September and want to be in excellent health as i age. It’s just a number and I want to defy it…21 day fix & extreme are the PERFECT workouts / combinations of exercise and sensible eating plan. FANTASTIC JOB. Thank you Autumn! !! And thank you beach body for carrying excellent products. ..body beast is fantastic also. 🙂 love

    • Autumn

      Thanks Judy!

  • Erica

    My birthday is July 15th !! This would be an awesome gift from Autum !! **wink ** wink **

  • Stacey Butler Gardner

    I cant wait to order. It would be nice to have the guess and trial and error being taken out. Thanks for providing this book and the measuring cups are wonderful.

  • Holly

    I have one question… how many copies am I allowed to buy? I’d like to use them for incentives

    • Autumn

      As many as you want I think.

  • Nicole

    Is there anyway for a customer to get cookbook before 8/6?

    • Autumn

      yes, they just have to have the free team beachbody membership.

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  • Cheryl Polevoy

    I am interested in the book and the 21 day plan

  • Rosemarie DeRosa

    I can’t wait …want to make meals more Interesting

  • maria lowery

    I’m so excited !! Can’t wait for Fixate:)))

  • Courtney

    Will there be Shakeology recipes in the book ?

  • Lori Richardson

    Will the Fixate cookbook containers be the same containers we got with the 21 Day fix programs?

    • Autumn


  • Tina

    I am so super excited that I’ll be getting one soon 🙂 I just recently joined your coach team! Thank you so much Autumn for helping me on this journey. I’ve struggled for so many years with my image.

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