When searching for healthy lunch ideas for kids, parents often find themselves struggling to find food that is at once appealing to their children while also being healthy and nutritious. An important question to ask oneself is: how can we have both?


I’m as familiar with this debate as anyone – as the mother of an amazing but occasionally picky 8-year-old boy, this question is in the forefront of my mind every day when I pack him a meal. Growing up, I was lucky enough that my dad often dropped hot homemade food to school for lunch. Dropping off a mid-day meal is not so easy for working parents today.

School lunches and many of the kid-friendly meals we feed our children lack in the vitamins and nutrients that our kids need to grow into healthy adults. When we look at our current school lunch programs, and what kids are eating, it is, for the most part, processed, junk food. There is a noticeable absence of fruits and vegetables, and when they are made available, they are often not well prepared. This situation has had a huge impact on the health of children as a whole. In fact, frighteningly enough, the CDC reports 20.5% of all 12 to 19-year-olds in America are overweight! In addition, 8.9% of 2 to 5-year-olds and 17.5% of 6 to 11-year-olds also struggle with childhood obesity. [1]

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

I knew I couldn’t sit idly by and allow these numbers to rise without at least trying to give parents healthy lunch ideas for kids. After all, if you want an active, healthy, smart child, you need to feed them accordingly. With this goal in mind, I’m incredibly excited to announce to you that next month I am releasing my all new eBook – “75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids.” As my Italian roots may indicate, I certainly love delicious food, but I also love providing my son and other children with the nutritious meals they need to live a healthy adderall healthcarewell life – this book is designed to give you both.

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly: On Ezekiel bread, carrot & celery sticks, FIXATE™ RANCH DRESSING, Terra Sweet Potato Chips
Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly: On Ezekiel bread, carrot & celery sticks, FIXATE™ RANCH DRESSING, Terra Sweet Potato Chips (Photo credit: Carlos Coll)

Check out my blog post on 5 Tips to Pack a Healthy Lunch for Kids” here.

“75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids” bridges the gap between kid-friendly and nutritious meals by teaching parents how to create deceptively healthy, delicious lunches that kids will get excited about eating. The ideas found in this book aren’t just crackers, a juice box and some lunchmeat with a few cookies, but new twists on old favorites, as well as recipes from both my FIXATE™ cookbook and cooking show by the same name.

Just about every meal in this book has a protein source, fruit, vegetable and a healthy snack – staples in any child’s lunch – but above all else, this book will provide you with variety, which is often a major challenge in meal preparation. By switching up your fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and carbohydrates, you are ensuring your child gets the vast array of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy growing body while also offering them a multitude of fun food options.

“75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids” is not a diet for children, if you are looking for that, please consult your pediatrician. It does not suggest portion sizes either because it contains lunch ideas for all ages. It is an eBook filled with suggested ways to pack a delicious lunch that is deceptively healthy. Once you apply these recipes to daily life, I promise you will be shocked to see the positive benefits it has on your child’s everyday life. Remember, enhancing your kid’s day with a meal that is as healthy as it is delicious is a recipe guaranteed to make both parent and child happy.

You can find FIXATE™ delicious and healthy recipes on Beachbody On Demand.

Your partner in health,

Autumn Calabrese

1. Retrieved on February 17, 2017, via https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/childhood.html.

Photo credit:
Carlos Coll


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  • Jen

    wondering what percentage of the book includes nut free lunch options? our school has banned nuts. Thanks!

    • Marley

      I was also wondering the same. Our school is nut free as well

    • Amanda

      Sunbutter is a great replacement for peanut butter. Schools use sunbutter to make “peanut butter” & jelly sandwiches. Sunbutter is soy free, peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free, non GMO sunflower and dairy free. Made in the USA & can be found in your local grocery store by the peanut butter. It’s also the same price as peanut butter.

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