Big Announcement:  “Diet Bet” starts Monday!

We’re officially halfway in to 2019! Most people slack off on their new years health and fitness resolutions by February and wonder what happened by the summer. Luckily for you, Diet Bet is here to get you back on track! The program starts this Monday, July 8th and is accessible for anyone anywhere in the world.

Here’s the challenge:

  • Bet $30 that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks
  • If/ when (think positive!) you lose the weight, split the pot with other winners
  • Follow any fitness & nutrition  program that you want
  • Autumn will be giving out a 30 day meal plan, nutrition & workout tips, & support


What 4% body fat loss does for your health

  • More visible abdominal definition
  • Less fat around your organs
  • Can lower your blood sugar
  • Lose inches 
  • Can increase your stamina



  • $150 Nike gift card
  • The entire Beachbody performance line
  • An autographed copy of “Fixate Vol. 2 Cookbook”
  • The ultimate prize…your health!

autumn calabrese fixate volume 2 cookbook beachbodyautumn calabrese beachbody





To  jumpstart your path to an improved version of you go to and sign up!