80 Day Obsession: For The Results You’ve Always Wanted

Build healthy curves, flatten the belly, and totally transform your body in three months with 80 days of work and an obsession to details.

Have you guys heard the news? We finally announced my new program for Beachbody and I could not be more excited! This project has been a labor of love for the last year based on my personal goal of growing my butt while flattening and toning my belly after my food sensitivity issues. It’s called 80 Day Obsession and it’s going to change your body, your mind, your health and the way we workout together!

Before we dive into the details you guys have to understand how cool this program is truly going to be because it’s being delivered in a BRAND NEW way. You get to experience 80 Day Obsession “in real time” with me and my cast. Thanks to Beachbody On Demand, it will literally be like you are part of the group. From day one, I will walk you through the food plan and take you shopping for the right foods. Two days later – and always on a Monday – you’ll start Day 1 with me and the group. You’ll get a brand new original workout every day except Sunday (our rest day). I’ll be there with you every step of the way, holding you accountable to show up with me and the cast every day. I’ll even take you behind the scenes each week in our mini-docuseries, “Weekly Obsession,” to share the inevitable set-backs, questions, triumphs and changes experienced as the cast and I deal with real-life over the three months.

Now back to the program details…

The focus of 80 Day Obsession is 3-fold. 1. Build the glutes.  Yes, we all want a great looking back side but its just as important to have a strong butt.  That’s right, glutes are a big muscle that do a lot of work.  We spend a lot of our day sitting on our butts, we need to get those muscles firing and functioning properly.  2. Reduce total body fat, especially in the stubborn belly area and 3. Emphasize the right kind of core work to get flat but defined abdominals. It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to build my butt and I’ve been working on it for awhile now. This program proves that with the right combination of exercises and timed nutrition – shaped,  firm glutes that look good and function even better doesn’t have to be restricted to the genetically gifted. The booty is made of muscle and just like any other muscle in the body, it can be built and sculpted.

The focus of 80 Day Obsession is exciting, but what I’m even more excited about is the way I get to deliver it to you over the course of 13 weeks. This isn’t 7 workouts on repeat. Every workout is unique in some way so I keep your body (and your mind) guessing and you never get bored. It’s how I would train you if you were a personal client meeting me in the gym every day.

  • 16 functional and foundational workout routines
  • 45-60 minutes in length
  • 3 total phases with new workouts and moves for each phase
  • Weekly changes to the reps, weights and intensity of that phases’ workouts so you never repeat the exact same workout.
  • Weights, sliders, loops, and HIIT cardio moves to create a lean, sculpted and STRONG body.

I know the lingering question on everyone’s mind is what about the food! Here’s the deal. It’s simple, it’s delicious and it’s gonna get you the results you want. I’ve precisely timed your consumption of carbs, fat and especially protein so that your nutrition is actually doing a lot of the work for you when it comes to body shaping and fat burning. Your meals are timed around your actual workout to help grow and firm the muscles you’re working.

I’m confident you guys are going to love this macro-nutrition program because it takes all the guess work out. I literally tell you exactly how to eat AND when to eat and we use the familiar container system from 21 Day Fix to make sure you’re getting the right portion and combination of each food group when your body needs it most.

While abs and booty may be a primary vanity objective, this program is designed for your body to function optimally, to be lean, but shockingly strong. Yes, a great looking body is nice, but a great looking body that works well, moves well and feels great is truly a gift!

One last thing… I went with the word “obsession” because to achieve the kind of results this program delivers in just under three months takes a specific type of focus. You could say we’re becoming obsessed with the process, obsessed with the details that help move us forward, obsessed with self-care and obsessed with making physical, mental and even nutritional gains. 

80 Days. 1 Stunning Transformation. Who’s ready? 


If you really want to be prepared to tackle 80 Day Obsession, get sneak peeks into the program and get a jump start on your nutrition….join me on Facebook in my private Prepare To Be Obsessed group. I’ll walk you through 21 Day Fix, The Master’s Hammer & Chisel, 21 Day Fix Extreme, plus other fun challenges and workout surprises to get your body prepared for the amazing and fun challenge that is 80 Day Obsession. I’ll be by your side every step of the way motivating you and answering your questions. We’re a week into Round 1, but you can jump in on September 25th when I open the group back up to new participants. Put your requests in now so you won’t miss out! 


  • Samantha Ayres

    Count me in on this challenge September 25!!!

  • Samantha

    I so want to be part of this group!

  • Samantha

    Would love to join!

  • Victoria F.

    Hi Autumn!

    I love your programs! And I’m super excited for this one. I have one reservation however, the timed food. I work as a server, which means my last opportunity to eat is 430 pm before my shift. I then may not eat again until 11pm or later. Is this going to be an issue with the program?

    You’re an inspiration!!! Thank you for everything that you do 🙂


  • Denise Steinwachs

    How do we sign up

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    Would love to join!!!!

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    I would love to be a part of your group! I’ll even love the bonus round!

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    I would love to join. Can’t wait for the new program. What do I need to do?

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    I need this!! Totally in.

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  • Alejandra

    Hi Autumn, my sister and I would love to join! Is there a cost to join?

    • Laura Milroy

      It’s a Beachbody program so you can either buy it when it comes out or subscribe to the streaming video service, Beachbody on Demand (only like $100/year and you get every single Beachbody program including meal plans, recipes and Autumn’s healthy cooking show, Fixate) Look up a Beachbody coach and they will get your started.

  • Amy

    I would love to start on September 25 with you. I’m so upset with my nutrition but I love your workouts from 21 day fix and extreme! I REAlLY need to lose weight

    • Melissa

      Her prepared to be obsessed is going on now! Just hop in!!! We are having a blast 🙂

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    Is it too late to join the group?

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    I’d like to be in your group that starts Sept 25!!

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    I am interested in the challenge and would like to be added to the group. Is there a cost involved?

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    What is the cost of the nutrition, fitness and all the above?

    My email is

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    Hi Autumn.
    I would like to a participant in your new program 80 Day obsession. How do I join?

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    I want in if there is not additional cost to it

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    I would like to join your prepare to be obsessed program

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    This is the THE program I have WAITING for!! Thank you for saving me from my workout rut!!! Stoked to start 2018 already!

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    How do I begin if I am not that strong yet?

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    What equipment do we need? I want to be ready as,soon as its released

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    I want to be added please

  • Toby Wollin

    Autumn -this is going to be a great program for us over 50 year old women to help prevent falls and broken hips!! Yes, there is the vanity aspect, but this will be literally life saving!

  • Jeanine Kelsey

    CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

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    Please add me!

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    I would love to join your group Prepare to be obsessed. I have done several of your other programs with my coach Laura Kelly. Thanks

  • Maria Alexandra Osuna

    I can’ t wait so happy to hear you have. new program I have been your fan from day one a year ago ! because of your programs I have managed to shed 20 some pounds and fweling so happy about it too! can’t wait please add me to your group!

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