For National Nutrition Month I challenged you to #GuzzleGreen and tag me in your recipes, pictures, and videos drinking your favorite green juices. Thank you for the submissions!

I loved seeing your favorite greens. I’ve compiled some of them in a fun #GuzzleGreen video for Facebook so make sure to look for your submission.

Incorporating green smoothies into your diet is a great way to live a healthy and nutritious life. Often times, guzzling green juices offers pure nutrition, vitamins, and fiber.

Depending on the fruits and vegetables mixed in the smoothie they’re typically high in vitamins A and C, and fiber, which is great for the digestive system. By drinking green smoothies we are getting the veggies we need without even realizing it!


Drinking green juice is great for both adults and kids who don’t enjoy eating vegetables. Green smoothies are low in calories yet provide a fulfilling meal or snack for people that are trying to balance their weight.

One of my top favorite greens to make at home is the Avocado Ginger Supreme from Shakeology. It is a fantastic way to portion control while also enjoying a delicious breakfast or snack. Green juices allow for a quick and easy meal onhealthy skin care supplement when you are on the go.

If I’m not making my green smoothie myself I personally enjoy the greens from Kreation. Another favorite is Juicy Ladies in Woodland Hills, California.

What I love about Kreation is that their juices are organic, gluten-free, and always fresh. I love that I can stop in their Kafes or Juiceries whether I’m in the studio or on my way home. Kreation offers a number of cold pressed juices and smoothies that are not only great for the body but also taste delicious!

Juicy Ladies also has 100% organic juices with greens and fruits that are sourced directly from top local farms. Their juices never fail to nurture and enrich my mind, body, and spirit. Green smoothies are best consumed immediately after making them.

If the juice you buy is stored in a refrigerator drink it within the first 24 hours of it being made. After 24 hours green smoothies tend to degrade in flavor, texture, and nutrition. If you are shopping for your smoothies ask when they were made so that you are getting all of the nutrients you need.

I hope you will keep sharing your #GuzzleGreen posts with me!

Your partner in health,

Autumn Calabrese


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