The idea of cleansing tends to be associated with spring. It’s when we’re opening our homes back up from a long, cold winter and getting our bodies ready for summer. But cleansing in the fall is arguably more important and more beneficial as we head into a time of year that can be extremely taxing on our bodies.

Winter and the holiday season come with a lot of physical and emotional stress combined with what is often unhealthy and over indulgent food choices. We close up our homes, turn on our heat, and spend more time indoors among all the germs and allergens. At the same time, we’re getting less natural sunlight and more gloomy weather. All of this makes us heavy, sluggish, prone to illness and even a little depressed.

By spending just a little bit of time safely cleansing our bodies, our minds and our homes we can combat the heaviness of winter and go into it feeling lighter, stronger and healthier.

For the next three weeks I’m going to share my top tips for cleansing your body, your mind and your home in the fall to prepare yourself for a healthier, happier winter.

Week 1: 15 Tips to Safely Cleanse and Reset Your Body

Week 2: 10 Tips to Cleanse and DeClutter Your Home

Week 3: 5 Tips to Cleanse Your Mind and Spirit

Check back Monday to catch the first post and join me for this easy fall cleanse of body, mind and home.


  • Jodie

    Sounds like just what I need.

  • Roz Goldberg

    Can’t wait to see your tips. Thanks

  • Jean Levold

    I am motivated and would appreciate the info!

  • Sandi Gay

    Looking forward to you keeping me on track Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!!!! 80 Day obsession can’t get here soon enough!!!

  • Ashley Ross

    Awesome!! I can’t wait!!

  • Kelly

    Can not wait, I have never did this before an looking forward to a new journey. I started my journey June 1 with 2 rounds (42days) of 21 day fix extreme an have not stopped. I even did it on our family vacation! I love the new me an I’m striving to my goals each day! Thankyou Autumn

  • Lisa Kurk

    Can’t wait Autumn this sounds terrific winter we do tend to sit more and think more no time for that in garden yard season. Ciao’ Bella!

  • Marcia Hamilton Harris

    Can’t wait!!!!!!

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