Contributing Editor: Vivian Nweze

It’s amazing how much hydration you can  get from the food you eat! Below we’ve listed the most nutritious and water filled foods you can find, in order of how much water is in them. Eating them daily counts towards your water intake!


  1. Lettuce: 96% water and has only 10 calories per cup! You can eat them in a salad or as a wrap to replace a burger bun!
  2. Cucumber: 95% water and one of the lowest calorie vegetables out there!
    They have 16 calories per cup and are high in vitamin k, potassium, and magnesium.
  3. Celery: it is 95% water and also only 16 calories per cup! It’s also high in potassium and vitamin k. You can cook it or eat it raw, especially with dips!


  1. Watermelon: It’s 92% water and very low in calories (around 46 cal per cup). The refreshing treat has fiber, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C.
  2. Strawberries: 91% water. These bite size fruit have disease fighting antioxidants like folate and manganese.
  3. Cantaloupe: 90% water. One cup of this melon has ½ cup of water and 2 grams of fiber!


  1. Peaches: 89% water. Eating these with the skin can give you a boost of cholorgenic acid ( a disease fighting antioxidant). 


  1. Oranges: 88% water. One orange has about half a cup of water in it! The vitamin c and citric acid also have benefits like helping to prevent kidney stones.

6 Drinks To Keep You Hydrated This Summer


Put different combinations of these foods together to make a light summer salad with lettuce or a fruit bowl! You can also blend them together in a smoothie. Whatever you choose, make sure you stay hydrated this summer