An awesome reveiw of Country Heat from a fellow momma and certified personal trainer!

Shake Away the Pounds with Country Heat by Diary of a Fit Mommy

Back in February, I was introduced to BOD or Beachbody On Demand. Some of you may remember, I had the awesome opportunity to try out the Active Maternity: Prenatal & Postnatal Series while I was pregnant with my daughter Everly and I ended up enjoying it so much that I kept my On Demand subscription to use whenever, wherever I wanted. What makes Beachbody On Demand so cool is that you can view the workouts from your phone, tablet, computer, and even stream it through your TV. Beachbody actually also offers DVDs as well if you are not up for streaming your workouts and I actually just had the opportunity to try the newest workout DVD available called Country Heat.

Country Heat is the newest workout to be released and it mixes country music with dance moves to torch calories and lose that extra bit of weight while having an absolute blast. This workout currently comes in the form of a DVD set and can be purchased straight from Beachbody’s website.Country Heat, Mom Blogger

If you do not have or want an On Demand subscription-no problem! Country Heat is actually on DVD. However, if you are already a Beachbody On Demand subscriber and choose to purchase the DVD, you can stream it anytime.

This program is thirty days long and each week has 6 days of workouts and one rest day. The workouts are about 20-30 minutes long and are led by Autumn Calabrese, a celebrity fitness trainer and professionally dancer. The great thing about this workout is that you do not need any weights whatsoever-just your body!

My son and I had a blast dancing to the moves of Country Heat. I was pleased to know that it not only benefited me, but it also was great for the entire family!Country Heat, Mom Blogger

Since I have BOD, I had access to the Deluxe version of Country Heat which features more workouts/dances as you can see the workouts in my dashboard below. This is just one of the perks of being a VIP member!

The workout plan even comes with a 30 day calendar to help keep you on track as it tells you which workout to do on what day. Another cool feature of this plan is that you also have access to the meal plan that it comes with when you have BOD.

Each dance has two parts:

The breakdown. This section of the workout breaks down the dance moves step-by-step so that you can learn them at your own pace.
The actual workout/dance. This is the part of the workout in which you complete the workout and put all of the dance moves together.

Country Heat, Mom Blogger

Something that is really cool is that any level can do this workout! If you have any issues with any of the workouts, there are modified versions of each and every move. One of the workouts included in Country Heat is called Dance Conditioning which is a set of moves to prepare or condition your body for the dancing. I liked this one a lot! [Rib Rock & Hip Thrusters]

My final thoughts on Beachbody’s Country Heat were:

It was super easy to follow along and to learn all of the dance moves.
It was so much fun and did not feel like an actual workout because you are loving it so much.
It was so fun to do with my son so it’s a great fit for moms.
It was convenient and the workouts were short. This is great for busy moms on the go!
I am not a huge country fan, but I really enjoyed the music.
Head on over to my Instagram page to see a video of me performing a few of the moves from the workout!

More about Sia (Fit Mommy)

I am a NASM certified personal trainer specializing in both Fitness Nutrition and Women’s Fitness, working from home and balancing motherhood & my own fitness journey. I am happily married to a great guy and a mommy to one sweet little boy, but my life hasn’t always been this way. 

I went to nursing school in 2010 and this is where my weight began climbing. By the time of my graduation, I was overweight, constantly sick, and tired of feeling heavy. I was a full-time college student working part time and I was making barely any money to afford anything more than fast food. I no clue where to start so I decided to educate myself and make a lifestyle change in which I dropped 45lbs in just 9 months, from clean eating alone. I started my blog as a way to help keep me accountable, and share with others what has worked and what hasn’t. I also used my blog to help keep me accountable throughout my first pregnancy in which I worked out until labor began and gained 30lbs throughout.  



[Source: Diary of  a Fit Mommy| Shake Away the Pounds with Country Heat] 
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