Cleansing, decluttering and detoxing are generally reserved for the tangibles in our lives. Our homes, our clothes, our garages, our offices and even our bodies are all things we regularly – or at least occasionally – cleanse. Unfortunately, we rarely think about our minds or spirits, unaware of how cluttered they can become and how that clutter impacts so many aspects of our lives and our overall well-being.

Think about all the garbage, spiritual junk food, and brain clutter that we encounter daily from TV, social media, negative co-workers or family members, old habits of unhealthy self-talk, and more. When we purge our mind and spirit of all of this unnecessary junk we’re able to refocus and bring new clarity of purpose to our goals and desires. At the same time, we’re also able to find a higher level of peace, calm, and general happiness and health.

Wondering if you might be in need of a mind/spirit cleanse? Here are just a few signs it’s time:

  • You find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media without purpose for significant amounts of time – often focusing on the negative posts.
  • You’re feeling down, negative or angry more than usual.
  • You find happy, joyful people frustrating or difficult to be around.
  • You think you’re bored.
  • You feel numb.
  • You’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

These aren’t reasons to get down on yourself. It’s normal for us to have these feelings occasionally. But, when they move from occasional to often, it’s time to recognize that we need to slow down and give ourselves a little love and attention. 

Below are my five favorite ways to detox my mind and spirit and refocus my energy:

  1. Serve yourself by serving others. This may seem counterintuitive, but you would be surprised at how quickly you start to feel better about yourself and more positive about life when you’re being helpful to someone else. When you extend kindness your body actually releases serotonin, which is a positive endorphin that helps lift your mood.
  2. Develop a daily meditation practice. I know what you’re thinking. You’re day is already so busy. How can you possibly fit something like meditation in? Or maybe, that’s just not for me! Meditation is for everyone and it doesn’t have to be time consuming to work. It can literally be as simple as 2-5 minutes of quiet time to simply sit and focus on nothing more than breathing. It could also be taking 5 minutes to journal and just brain dump whatever is on your mind. If you’d like to consider developing a more intentional meditation practice, I personally enjoyed May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein. 
  3. Practice Joy and Gratitude. We live in a world that can get really heavy, making it difficult to experience joy in every day circumstances. Having a happy life has to be a daily choice. So make a practice of identifying things in your day to feel grateful and joyful for. Create a mental list, write them down in a journal, or put notes in your phone. You might even consider a gratitude partner. Check in with your friend daily via phone, text or email – whatever you agree on – and share your lists of joyful moments and what you’re grateful for.
  4. Detox from the media for a day. It may not be possible to do a complete media detox, but you can absolutely take a hiatus from social media and/or TV. Maybe you limit your time to 30 minutes a day, maybe you take 24 hours off completely or maybe you need a bigger detox and you put it on hold for the weekend. Consider how much time your spending in the media, how it’s making you feel and how long you can take a step back. You might be surprised to find that 24 hours turns into a whole weekend with ease.
  5. Get Outside. Research has proven over and over that time spent in the woods and blue spaces (near oceans, lakes, rivers, streams) has a positive effect on our overall health and well-being. Plants and nature in general, have an undeniable ability to lift the spirit as does the natural vitamin D boost we get from time in the sun. Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin and endorphins that not only lift our moods, but also calm our minds.

It’s easy to say, but life is not determined by what happens to us. It’s determined by our overall attitude. With that in mind, it pays to take a little time to cleanse and detox the mind and spirit and refocus our attitude and energy as we head into the fall and winter months.

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