5 Summer Activities to Help you Cross Train

We’ve all heard the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter.” But let’s be honest; People aren’t exactly enthusiastic about jump-starting a workout plan during the cold, wintery, holiday-filled months. For many people, it’s easy to get into a lull with the same old workout routine week after week.

That’s why summer is the perfect time to step up your fitness game and send your body into energizer-bunny mode!

Incorporating fun activities into your day is not only a great workout but an essential part of living happier and healthier lives all around.

Cross Train

Here are 5 summer activities that are so fun, you’ll forget you’re burning calories, but your body will surely thank you at the end of the day.


Put those running shoes on and hit up your local trail. Make an effort to go early in the morning to catch the sunrise as an added motivation! Climbing hills, observing wildlife, and simply smelling the fresh air not only does wonders for your body but gives your mind time to unwind and just be.

Paddle Tennis

Anyone who has played a regular game of tennis knows how physically demanding it can be. Imagine that times two when trying to maneuver in the sand. Those quick tennis movements along with swinging the paddle with your upper body make for a full body workout. If you have kids, this is an excellent way to introduce them to a lifetime sport!

Stand up Paddleboarding/Kayaking

Paddleboarding and kayaking are some of those activities where you truly don’t notice how much effort you are putting into it until you can barely lift your arms the next day. Stand-up paddleboarding is perfect for anyone looking to improve their balance. These low-impact exercises are great because you can enjoy them with a big group of people or individually.


Gardening or mowing the lawn is a great way to multitask by getting some chores done, and getting some of that vitamin D your body craves. Constantly standing up, sitting down, and using your upper body to plant those beautiful flowers is a fun activity that you can do with your children in the summer.


Yes, the thought of exercise bands can scare anyone off. But if you want a more intense workout that you can really feel the next day, this is worth a try. Take any size resistance band, grab a spot on the beach, and you’re all set. Target your inner thighs, hip, butt, and back. Check out the move of the days that feature resistance bands on my YouTube channel here or watch below. Then toss a resistance band in your bag and hit the sand. (Don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese


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