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Healthy Valentine Day treats to show your family and friends how much you care!

John Wooden once said, “The most important thing in the world is family and love.” I couldn’t agree more. Whether it is a significant other, a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend, or a sibling, we all need love in our lives.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I can think of no better way to show family and friends how much you care than by cooking healthy nutritious foods with love. Here are three suggestions for Valentine gifts to show your love in a healthier way.

Healthy Valentine Day Treats

      1. Avoid the temptation to purchase the sugary temptations on the shelves this time of year. You can still indulge in a healthier way!  A perfect example is the FIXATE™ Deceptively Divine Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe, available via Beachbody on Demand. They cure the sweet tooth and are a gluten free healthy nutritious alternative that will win the heart of the one you love.
      2. Some of my best onhealthy cholesterol memories as a child are the delicious homemade lunches my dad cooked, and hand delivered to our school.  Of course, work and busy schedules today make this a bit challenging, but surprising your loved one with a nutritious hot meal to fuel their day is perfect Valentine treat.
      3. When you are planning out an activity to celebrate, consider a hike, a bike ride, or a night out dancing!  Get out and move together.  Nothing gets the love flowing like endorphins.  And if the cold weather has you home bound you can always turn up the Country Heat.

FIXATE™ Deceptively Divine Red Velvet Cupcakes

Easy-to-make and delicious, these FIXATE™ cupcakes show your love and hit the spot! Read more about the healthy red velvet cupcakes on Beachbody on Demand. I recommend serving them in cute pink and red pan liners to make them more festive. Remember to share your sweet treats online and tag me @AutumnCalabrese so I can see the love coming out of your kitchen this Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all share your love with someone this Valentine’s Day!

Your partner in health,

Autumn Calabrese



  • Maria

    Feb 14! Chocolate shakeology with strawberry yogurt!! My treat!! ❤. ~~Maria

  • Alline E Burns

    Autumn your amazing I wished I could dance like you.

  • Heather Anderson

    I’d love to try making these cupcakes.. but I have an allergy to Avocado…. Do you have a different Fix approved frosting recipe?

  • Leigh Anne Mayberry

    Mmm, definitely going to make those cupcakes for my husband, especially to help keep both of us on track with your diet bet! Thanks for all you do Autumn and your beautiful heart to help others!

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