You know what the best workout is? The one you’ll actually do! I’ve been training people my entire career, and one of the top reasons they don’t lose weight…is they can’t stick with their workouts. So they quit. And they keep getting heavier and heavier.
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Here are 12 reasons why you should TURN UP THE HEAT and get on the Country Heat train:

1. It’s FUN!!!

With Country Heat, we found a way to make working out fun! For real, you won’t even feel like you are working out! The program combines country music inspired dance moves, with hip shaking cardio action that will tone and shape your legs- tighten your abs and peel inches off your sides. The moves are so easy it’s like walking, but way more fun! I dare you not to smile at least once during the 30 minutes. Double dare.

2. Rock Out To Chart TOPPING Country Hits

Even if you’re not a country fan, you will find yourself singing along. And if you ARE a country fan, well- you’re welcome for this incredible playlist. It might be on repeat in my car!

3. Insane 30 Day Results


The results speak louder than anything I can tell you, Stephen E. lost 25 pounds and 8.25 inches in 30 days of Country Heat! He said, “Autumn was very easy to understand and follow along with. The simple and easy to follow instructions greatly improved my results.” Kaileigh H. lost 16.4 pounds in 30 days with Country Heat! She said, “Country Heat is an awesomely fun, low-impact workout set to today’s country music. The moves are not super difficult, and for those who tend to have two left feet, every routine has a move breakdown to help you master the moves!”

4. It brings a New Level of #SweatySelfie

You can really show off that work you’re putting in. Just press play and you will find yourself drenched in sweat before you know it. Who knew cardio could be so much fun?! Share them, I wanna see that sweat!

5. No Guesswork In The Kitchen

I combine simple nutrition with an easy to follow meal plan that allows you to eat the foods you love, while losing weight. You really cant beat it! This is NOT a diet- it’s a lifestyle, and it is a delicious zoloft healthcarewell one. I mean look at these meals?! Some even dub it #foodporn, and I’d have to agree 😉



You know and love him from 21 Day Fix, but this time around he’s getting country. Need I say more?

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7. No Equipment

Unless you count yourself. You can do the workouts anywhere with anyone, using only your body to burn off calories and work up a sweat!

8. It’s 2% Of Your Day

The workouts are only 30 MINUTES, this is a small small fraction of your day! No excuses, you owe it to yourself.

9. You Can Mix Up Your Active Wear

Because those sneakers could use a break!

10. ANYONE Can Do Country Heat – even Grandma.

The moves can be followed by ANYONE. You can push yourself hard, or take it easy and build up more stamina and push harder as you go!

11. The Best Workout Is the One You’ll Do


You can’t lose weight if you can’t stick with a routine. And I made 100% sure that Country Heat is a program you will stick with. I tested it over and over again, on people of all ages, all sizes, and all fitness levels. And you know what happened? Not only did they stay with the program, they totally loved it. That’s how I know this is the program that will—finally—get you the results you’re looking for.”

12. Personal Support From Me To Help Get  You The Best Results + A Chance To Win Part of a $3M* pool.


Starting September 5th (the day after Labor Day) we are kicking off off a 30-day Country Heat Group on Facebook. If you’ve been a part of one of these groups in the past, you know they work. Accountability, support, motivation, it’s all in there. PLUS, I’ll be checking in daily to see how you’re doing and share my progress. Join the Facebook Group here:

At the same time, the Beachbody Health Bet kicks off where Beachbody is putting up a $1-3 million prize pool if you commit to following a program and drinking Shakeology! Here is more information about how to join the Beachbody Health Bet.

Step 1: Get Country Heat

Step 2: Join the Country Heat with Autumn Facebook Group.

Step 3: Find a Coach and enter the Beachbody Health Bet starting September 5th!


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Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese


  • Melissa

    Just ordered mine! I plan to mix this up with my 21 day fix workouts. Can’t wait!

  • shana strohn

    cant wait

  • Sheila Marie

    Hello Autumn,

    First let tell you that I love you! LOL

    I hope you feel better after you deserved vacations.

    Can I combine CH & 21DF?


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