10 Ways to Get Vitamin D Plus a Great Workout

Summer is only a few months of the year, and we all should take advantage of that beautiful sunshine while we have it! Hitting the gym can be a huge bummer if all your friends are at the beach. Here are 10 ways to enjoy your summer, get that much-needed vitamin D AND still get a great workout. Remember to wear your shades and sunscreen.


Hiking is one of my favorite activities in the summer. It uses a lot of up-and-down movements, so it can be a killer workout for your lower body. Plus, you get to explore and connect with nature.


While hiking is a lower-body activity, kayaking is primarily all upper-body. The great thing about kayaking is that you probably won’t realize you are working out, but you will surely be sore the next day. This is a fun, refreshing activity some can only do a few months of the year, so get your fill now!


Whether you plan to swim at the beach or in the pool, it is a great workout and cardiovascular activity that won’t put any strain on your body. Simply playing games with your kids in the water (Marco Polo or sharks and minnows), can burn a ton of calories!


Grab a partner or 3 and hit the courts for a fun and competitive afternoon! Tennis can improve your aerobic and anaerobic health as well as tone your upper and lower body simultaneously. This is a fantastic way to combine a date night with a great workout.

Go for a Walk

Instead of meeting up with your buddies or girlfriends for coffee or cocktails, have a walking date. Go out and explore your city or a local hiking trail. Better yet, pack a light meal and picnic when you reach the peak. Bring your dog if you have one!

Play a Childhood Game

This might be a stretch, but if you find yourself chilling at the beach or by the pool with your friends on a lazy day, make it competitive! Play frisbee, or capture the flag or a pick up beach volleyball game! There are endless possibilities. Family dinners are a great time to hit the basketball court to play a game of Horse. There’s nothing like playing for who has to do the dishes to get everyone to lace up and join in!

Workout at the Beach

Speaking of the beach, this is the perfect location for a killer workout. Imagine your favorite workout at the gym. You could burn almost twice the calories at the beach, because of how difficult it is to maneuver around the sand. Your calves will feel it in the morning. If you get there early, you can enjoy the sunrise while you sweat it out.

Bike Ride

The great thing about bikes is that anyone at any fitness level can do it and push themselves. Whether or not you are looking for something that really burns or a light workout, biking is a great option. You can even bike to work during the week, if possible! Toss your work shoes in your backpack and peddle away.


Golfing isn’t known as being a workout per se, but it’s a great way to spend some quality (and competitive) time with friends and family while spending a few hours out in the sun. Choose to walk with your clubs instead of ride the golf cart.

Roller Blading

Channel your inner child and strap on those roller blades! Rollerblading builds up the upper leg muscles, hip, lower back, and buttocks. If you’re looking for a way to get your work out in while entertaining your kids, change it up and hit your favorite park.

Your partner in health,
Autumn Calabrese


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