10 Tips For Blocking Out Negative Energy

Contributing Editor: Vivian Nweze


  1. Don’t Be The Source Of it   

Autumn says this is one of the biggest things to note when blocking out negative energy.  “We attract what we’re giving off. Sometimes It’s hard to recognize when we are stuck in a negative pattern.” – @AutumnCalabrese   If you know you’re in a funk, do everyone a favor and don’t spread it! If you can’t shake it off on your own, then reach out to a loved one or a professional for assistance. You don’t want your negative attitude  to linger before it pushes your friends and family away. 



2. Change Your Environment 

You can temporarily leave a negative environment by physically walking away. In a more long term case, you can even move. The energy you surround yourself with seeps in to your mind, body, and spirit. If you live with depressing people, you may start to feel depressed. Moods permeate.  Sometimes just stepping outside, into the sunlight and getting endorphins is enough to recharge your spirit.

autumn calabrese tips for blocking out negative energy





3. Decipher What Your Triggers Are

If certain topics take you to a dark space those are your triggers. Take some time to figure out what subjects you may want to stay clear of in conversation and be okay with changing the subject. “If it’s fine with you, I’d prefer to talk about xyz” is a polite response to avoiding an uncomfortable situation. 


4. Set Boundaries

There are some people we have to love from afar. Even family or close friends can shift into dark clouds. It’s up to you to establish how much of it you are willing to deal with and communicate that. If someone doesn’t even realize how their vibrations are affecting you, this could be a necessary wake up call.


5. Take Deep Breaths & Meditate

Regulating your breath helps you to calm down when in a negative mindstate and reset. The practice of meditation is common amongst highly successful people who are constantly in stressful situations. Next time you’re feeling tense close your eyes, take controlled deep breaths, and let positivity overpower the stress.


6. Don’t React. Think Before You Speak.

Taking a few seconds to gather your response is a healthy method of communicating. You can gain control of a situation by speaking calmly and clearly.


7. Don’t Be An Enabler

The saying “misery loves company” is true. Regardless of whether you are engaging in negative behavior, tolerating or pacifying it is still detrimental. This isn’t the same as venting. When you listen to someone vent, they let off their load and move on. When you are enabling, the load never seems to end. Don’t entertain it.

autumn calabrese tips for blocking out negative energy

8. Clean Home, Clear Mind

The easiest way to declutter your brain is to clean up your space. When you get your living space in order you will be surprised at how calm you will feel. When you start and end your day in a clean and calming area you dodge the negative vibes that might float your way. A simple way to start the daily practice of clean home, clean mind, is to make your bed in the morning. 


9. Change Negative Thought Patterns 

When your mind is exposed to negative thoughts from other people on a frequent basis, it makes you more susceptible to the same. When you feel negative thoughts creeping up, acknowledge the thought and stop it in its tracks. Redirect damaging mean self talk by thinking about things you love, what you are grateful for, or what you’re excited about! You can redirect the bad thoughts out!


10. Take Ownership Over What You Can Actually Control

If it’s in your power to change a situation for the better, then do it. We often let things “happen” to us when we could be an  active player in the game of life. You’re more susceptible to the energy of other people when you aren’t intentionally moving with purpose.