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Celebrity fitness trainer and national-level bikini competitor, Autumn Calabrese, recently launched Beachbody’s latest program, 21 Day Fix. Building on a foundation of portion-controlled eating and healthy exercise habits, Autumn empowers people to reach their weight loss goals with “simple fitness and simple nutrition.”

The single mom opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about getting “fast results” with 21 Day Fix, her best advice for busy moms who want a lifestyle change, and her 5-year-old son Dominic who loves to cook and exercise with mommy.

CBS: Tell us all about your new Beachbody program, 21 Day Fix. Tell us about the workouts, as well as the eating program with portion control containers.

AC: “The 21 Day Fix is a two part system. It is simple fitness and simple nutrition. When you put them together, you get fast results.

There are 7 workouts, one for each day of the week. They are 30 minutes each. There is something different every day to keep you interested and to keep your body from plateauing.

These workouts are for everyone. You can be an athlete who workouts everyday or a person who has never worked out a day in their life — you will still benefit from these workouts. Each workout has a modifier, so if you are a beginner you start with them. You push yourself to your limit. Each exercise is 1 minute in length with a 20 second rest.

When it comes to the nutrition plan for 21 Day Fix, I’ve taken the guess work out of how to eat. There are 7 color-coded containers that you will use to portion out your food. If it fits in the container, you can eat it — nothing is off limits. I’ve even left wine and chocolate in the program!

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