Top Travel Fitness Equipment For Vacation

Contributing Editor: Vivian Nweze

Vacations and relaxing in general are important for your mental health, but there’s no reason for you to leave your physical health behind! Actress Jennifer Aniston has said that she packs resistance bands and goes for 30 minute runs when traveling for vacation. If Jen can do it, why can’t you! There are a ton of easy to pack and lightweight items that can be transported in a car, on a plane, or even in a backpack! Below you’ll find the most essential pieces of equipment for any mindful traveler.


Ab Roller Wheel

autumn calabrese celebrity trainer 80 day obsessed beachbodyYou can really shred your core before hitting the beach with this handy wheel. It’s easy to toss it in the trunk of your car for a long drive or in your checked bags on a flight. Get all the definition in your mid-section with this portable fitness tool!


Core Sliders

These handy little discs take bodyweight exercises to the next level! They are so compact and lightweight that you can slip them into a tote bag. Core sliders are also ideal for workouts that are a bit more gentle on your joints. You can use them on almost any smooth surface and on carpet. Check out Autumn’s 80 Day Obsession program for workouts using core sliders!



Jump Ropes

One of the most effective workout tools you could have is a jump rope. Who knew when we were skipping rope during school recess that we were burning calories like a pro athlete! Jumping rope for any amount of time is a great cardio workout. Traditionally it was seen as a conditioning tool, but now you can reach a variety of fitness goals with a little rope. 

We all tend to consume more calories on vacation, so an excellent way to balance that is by doing a short HIIT workout with your rope. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Anyone can squeeze in 15-30 minutes of a HIIT workout while on vacay. Consider packing a jump rope that you can whip out for a quick high impact workout!



Resistance Loops

Hands down, these are the most portable and high octane pieces of fitness equipment available. If you’ve done 80 Day Obsession, you know the variety of exercises that can be done with just these little bands. They come in different colors indicating their different resistance levels, so you can adjust your workout at any time.



Athletic shoes

These should be a given! Bringing the right kind of athletic sneakers is the first step to staying active no matter autumn calabrese celebrity trainer 80 day obsessed beachbodywhere you go. If you know that running is your jam, prioritize running specific shoes. Otherwise any cross training athletic shoe should cover any type of workout you do. They are also great for keeping your feet supported while out sightseeing!



 Travel Yoga Mat

The thinner version of a normal yoga mat is great whether you are a yogi or not! You can feel comfortable autumn calabrese celebrity trainer 80 day obsessed beachbodydoing other workouts on this yoga mat wherever you are. If you aren’t comfortable doing sit ups on your hotel room floor, bring out your travel yoga mat and get those abs going!



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