Contributing Editor: Vivian Nweze

The saying “when you look good you feel good” is just one reason for working out. Now let’s take it a step further and look good while we sweat! A cute new outfit is a great motivator. You are more likely to work out longer, with friends, or a significant other when your fitness look is on point. Trendy and functional is the name of the game! Below are the most popular styles this season for activewear (and not just comfy athleisure)!


autumn calabrese 21 day fix 80 day obsessed beachbody

Black and White Print

This color combo is classic, but the trend  is all about unique print designs! Some are more bold and others are subtle, like the leggings Autumn has on in this photo.


Biker Shorts

The athleisure world brought back biker shorts about 2 years ago. Instead of the trend dying it’s actually intensifying! They are everywhere in every color, and luckily they are universally flattering. When it’s too hot for a full leggings or pants, but you don’t want to expose your thighs, these are a happy medium.


Functional Leggings with pockets

This might be the best trend on the list! Your athletic leggings are becoming more functional with the addition of sleek pockets. You can easily slip in a card, some cash, or just put your hands somewhere between reps!


How To Wash Activewear


autumn calabrese 21 day fix 80 day obsessed beachbody


Look and feel fierce in this perennial stylish look! There are so many shades of camo, so it’s flattering on most skin tones. Also, the design is great for camouflaging things like a bloated belly.

Leopard Print

Animal print is slowly making a comeback, starting with the brown tones of leopard print. This is a fashionable option for sneakers since leopard print can function like a neutral. If you’re feeling a little wild, get the print in a set!





Once reserved for dance costumes, mesh has really made a statement in fitness apparel. There’s something sexy about showing a little skin, without overtly showing skin. Get in on this peekaboo effect with a pair of mesh paneled leggings!




Bright bold neon colors have been a huge fashion force this year, and now it’s seeped in to athletic attire. Choose your favorite highlighter shade and easily stand out while you exercise!

Floral Print

Spring flowers  are blooming this summer with this feminine style.  The girly trend is fun and bright!



Super High Rise Leggings

The higher the waistline, the tinier your frame looks! Normal leggings hit you at your hips. If you want some more coverage super high rise leggings will hit you at your waistline (or slightly below your bust). This is also creates an illusion of having longer legs!


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