Autumn Calabrese is a star trainer.

She’s become synonymous with Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix nutrition and exercise plan, which has taken the Internet by storm. Many people are envious of her chiseled abs.

She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what people need to get in shape, but her number one diet and wellness tip is surprising — it doesn’t involve freak cleanses, nixing carbs, or taking the hair of a small child to create a magic witch’s brew.

In fact, you probably have the ingredient readily on tap…pun intended.

“Drink water,” she said in a phone interview with Business Insider. “Yeah, portion control is really important, too [but] it’s amazing how many Americans are actually dehydrated and that leads to so many problems.”

And many times you reach for that bag of chips, you might just be thirsty.

“Our bodies can’t really tell the difference between hunger and thirst,” she said, “so a lot of times people are dehydrated and they think they’re hungry so they go eat when really they just need … a glass of water.”

“That’s what our bodies are made of … it’s what flushes our system … keeps us going,” she said. “Being dehydrated is a miserable feeling; I’ve done it for competitions … so my biggest tip is actually drink your water.”

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  • Sara

    what is the recommended water intake in your opinion, Autumn? I’ve read a gallon, I’ve read (I think on BB) half of your body weight in ounces, and I’ve read that you get a lot of the required water from regular food intake. In our 21DF challenge groups, we were trying to reach a gallon a day, but I find that 12 cups is doable.

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