Contributing Editor: Vivian Nweze

There isn’t a simple answer to this question. Most types of yoga won’t blast calories as much as aerobic exercise. However, there are tangible physical results that can come from practicing yoga regularly for weight loss, if you know the right things to do!


Reduce Stress, Belly Fat, & Get Strong Abs

One of the immediate results of any form of yoga is stress relief. Lowering your stress lowers the hormone cortisol that can cause weight gain. Yoga also specifically reduces belly fat. The less cortisol in your body, the less weight around your waist.  Many yoga poses also create abdominal strength.


Poses & Frequency

The range for caloric burn during yoga is so vast, from 20-180 calories per hour. Adding heat can really get your heart pumping by increasing the difficulty of your workout. Plus, it gets you sweating!

Certain poses work big muscle groups well, like “Warrior I” and Warrior II”. “Downward Dog” and “Upward Dog” tone hips and thighs. “Child’s Pose” and “Cobra Pose” aid digestion. “Shoulder Stand Fish Pose” boosts your metabolism via your thyroid.

It’s been suggested to practice the more intensive yoga 3-5 times a week for best results.


Vinyasa Yoga Styles

The goal is to raise your heart rate! Vinyasa is a fast paced sequence of poses that’s good for burning calories. The other forms, gentle yoga, are more focused on stretching and mindfulness. Vinyasa styles to try:

Ashtanga: using the same rigorous poses in a sequence, this practice has some of the most deidcated hardcore yogis

Power Yoga : the heat and intensity of Ashtanga without using the same pose routines each time

Hot Yoga: Yoga practiced in a hot room to make sure you sweat a ton

Bikram Yoga: a popular hot yoga style with a set of fixed poses 


Overall Yogi Weight Loss

You have to pay close attention to your diet. Since you won’t be burning the same amount of calories as an aerobic  workout, you need to consume less calories. The best formula is a combination of yoga, weight training, and cardio. There are a few fusion gyms now that combine yoga with cycling, dance, and even boxing!  

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